Enleum AMP23-R buyer beware!

My frustration has finally gotten the best of me.  I ordered (put a deposit down) an Enleum AMP23-R back in March based on the word the dealer got from Enleum that the order would be filled in 2 weeks, or the beginning of April.  It's now June 7th and no word from Enleum about shipping any units.  I know my dealer has been in touch with the company and the company is not responding.  They are also not giving any updates as to when units might be shipping.  

This is a bad look for Enleum and frankly has soured any excitement I had for their product.  I would steer clear of Enleum at this point.  I understand that a few units have been released to certain people for review purposes, but that also leaves a bad impression in my mind.  If you promised to release a certain number of units back in March to people who put money down and you can't fill orders now in June, it tarnishes your reputation as a company doing business in the high end market.  It doesn't matter how many rave reviews your product gets if you give the impression that you don't give a crap about your customers.  

The company says Enleum translates to "Enlightenment" which is just marketing mumbo jumbo.  Let's see if owner Soo In Chae will step up to the plate and treat his customers with respect.


@fork - I got my 23R from Jaguar Audio earlier this year without a hitch. There are a number of retailers who carry this, and it’s possible that if the OP is still interested, they might have better luck with one of them.

@jtgofish - is the 5521 Mk3 also a headphone amp? The Bakoon 13R, no longer made, was geared towards that, as is the Enleum 23R. I really don’t care whether it was made in Korea or Japan. Excellent products come from both places.

Enleum is a small company and the rave reviews for the 23R have created greater demand than they can supply given the supply chain issues.

Many small high end audio companies have the same issue. Last year I inquired about a Decware amp and I was told the waiting list was about 1 year. I waited 10 weeks for ZMF Verite Open headphone shortly after it launched and that was before the pandemic. Decware, ZMF, Enleum and a bunch of other small companies that have products in high demand are facing the same issues of part availability and work force issues.

I bought my Enleum 23R in December before most of the reviews were published. At the time I bought it, there was only the 6 Moons review. I ordered it on a Monday in December from Jaguar Audio and received it the very next day.

I believe that because of supply chain issues/availability of parts, design changes were made to the 23R. I know the remote control, speaker binding posts and I’m sure other internal parts were changed around the time frame of the OP’s order. Making design changes on the fly is never an easy task. The design changes need to go through design verification testing to insure that the changes will provide equal or better customer satisfaction to the older design.

Of course you can cancel your order but you’ll be missing out on a truly excellent amp. In my system, the 23R has been a game changer. I understand your frustration, but I think that since you’ve waited this long, you might as well wait just wait it out. However, I agree that you should be given an estimate of delivery timing.

I know Enleum is a small company and I understand the supply chain issues.  At least a company like Decware let's potential customers know that the wait time is approx 1 year.  At that point, a customer can make up their mind as to whether or not to move forward. My frustration is when a manufacturer gives a false impression of when product will be shipped and then doesn't follow up regarding a change of circumstances.  If Enleum had said delivery for orders on such and such a date would be 6 months or even an unknown time frame, I can respect that.  That's not the case.  Enleum is not responding to requests for updates so the dealers can give their customers a potential time frame for shipping which is putting dealers in a tough spot.

this is the case in all of audio right now, sorry. especially in Asia. Pass Labs is 12 mos, same as Magico and some other big guys. Luxman is like 8 months. either cancel your order or stick it out but blaming them isn't really fair. they want to deliver product asap.

fwiw, I tried an Enleum and found it pretty overrated. Srajan has hyped this thing beyond what it actually delivers, which is a pure but somewhat not fully fleshed out sound