Dear friends after experimenting with ethernet cable (Wire World Croma) I was surprised that it does bring a change in the sound hence I decided to change to a better cable from Network Acoustics.

Now the question is should I get the complete ENO filter and cable or should I go with the Muon cable only without the filter which will give better results and bang for bucks.

Moreover I see some kind of filter in the Muon cable only.

Kindly share your opinion which shall be appreciated.



money back purchase

why ask, just try and keep what you like, return what you don’t

if you have questions, email n-a directly, rich trussel will answer

Contact Rich of Network Acoustics and ask. He will direct you. I had the ENO system, Muon and now the Muon Pro. Each step up is a noticeable improvement. I would go for the Muon filter combo. The combo price is lower than both separately.

The cable alone is not what I would do. I would get the Muon filter and run with a decent ethernet cable like the Supra Cat 8. Get a Network Acoustics ENO or Muon cable later if you have no choice.  

In terms of ‘sound for the pound’ I would recommend the ENO Streaming System over just the standard Muon Cable, and then the Muon Pro Streaming System as the best.

Regards, Rich

I just purchased the Muon Pro cabling system with the filter after having a few calls with Rob from Network Acoustics.  BTW, Rob is a super nice guy.  I was leery to spend 2K+ for this system but I am going to say after 30 hours of play time it is definitely worth it.  My Muon goes from the wall to the Lucas Audio Music Server.  I do not have a switch in between.  Every note of every instrument is much clearer and the vocals are just crisper.  

I am going to try a D-Link switch just to see if the music improved even more.  If it does I will consider a higher-end switch from Network Acoustics, Paul Pang, or Ediscreation.  

@willgolf after the fire I went to a simpler system which out performed the previous setup the Amp is PILIUM Leonidas integrated with Canary DAC, and Lumin U2mini and all the cabling is from a company called O2A except the Lan cable which is wireworld croma just for experiment sake now I am confused should I buy network acoustic Eno with filter or pink faun Lan cable with their isolator

The Eno filter has a 30 day return policy. Try it out and if it works for you, there may be a decision, but if you don't hear any difference send it back.

Fyi, I had the Eno and have moved to the Muon, so I think you will like it, but every system has different Issues.