Enough Gain?

Ok So I'm finally going to up grade from my Grado Blue, but want to keep the spending below $200. Will my Rega MM Preamp provide enough gain for some of the MC cartridges that are loaded at 47,000 ohms? The Rega has 36.5 dbs of gain. This cartridge is going on a Rega 3. Any suugestions? I listen to hard rock(Pink FLoyd), to hard jazz(Coltrane).I also enjoy shakuhaci flute music and new age. So there you go.
Your Rega preamp may provide enough gain for a HIGH output MC, but it probably won't load it correctly. On top of that, i don't know of any MC's in that price range that are great performers AND offer high output levels. There might be an Audio Technica model ( can't remember ), but other than that, nothing comes to mind. Sean
Grado's no mate to Rega check the old posts.
Use MM with at least 5mV output. I'd go with Rega Elys that has 7mV.
Thanks for all the advise. As far as moving coils are concerned I was thinking of the Dynavector 10*5 which is loaded at 47,000ohms, which I believe is what most MM's are loaded at? There was some for sell on Ebay for $215. The output is around 2.2 I believe, don't quote me. Could I run the Dynavector through the Rega preamp with that medium range output, would I want to? I should have expressed this in my original email. Hey Markanetz have you heard the Elys from Rega. There isn't much I could find in the archives. Also because it has a higher output(7) vs. the Grado(5)does this mean that I could turn down the volume to get the same volume as compared to the Grado Blue?
I'm not Marakanetz, but I have heard the Elys & it is better than I'd have guessed from the general opinion of Rega carts I've found online. I have one on a P3, & it is very smooth and gives music an almost palpable presence. Detail is not over-emphasized but is there. All in all, a solid, musical cartridge, at least on a Rega deck.
My previous setup was with Elys and Rega p3. I found few records from my collection that I've never listened since I've upgraded my analogue rig to the real serious levels and can tell you that certainly you can't get bass with Elys that can offer you a cheap CD-player but midrange and trebble is clear and solid. Having 30dB phonostage with extra 20dB MC stepup, please note, I used stepup transformer that gave me less volume controll margin but larger and stronger bass so that's where I believe that 36dB is OK with high output cartridges such as Elys or others in Rega line. Other option can be found in Clearaudio high output MM carts that as far as I know have the output of 6mV. I used full function Bryston preamp the phono section of which I realy hated and it was the very first product to upgrade. I stopped on Audio Research PH3 having wanted to spend only half-grand and spent almost one instead.
Hey Marakanetz, so the Elys does not have a great bass response? This would be an issue for me with the .5 Magnepans, I want a catridge with a lot of bass to make up for the Maggies. I just recently moved to a bigger place and I think I might have gone too far. I think I over compensated with the living room. As far as a Gardo cartridge on Rega unit, I have had no problems with the "hum" issue that others claim. The hum in my system came from the Rega phono stage. I fixed this with some Versalab red rollers, most notably on the power cord.