Entry CD player question?

If you look at my system you'll see what I have to help me decide on a CD player.

I can't help wonder about my stereo receiver's matching Rotel RCD1072 single disc player, instead of the Marantz which was the top 5 disc player at the time. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Much appreciated,



yes, the newer Rotel and Marantz models sound much better than both the 1072 and 4001...I currently have a Marantz CD6006 and Rotel CD11 Tribute , both excellent and reasonably priced...

True, but I’m looking at used 1072 to match receiver. I would think it's better than my Marantz.

 @davetheoilguy  You say "figure out what sub-manufacturer built the transport in your chosen model..."

How can one find that information for any given cd player?