Entry CD player question?

If you look at my system you'll see what I have to help me decide on a CD player.

I can't help wonder about my stereo receiver's matching Rotel RCD1072 single disc player, instead of the Marantz which was the top 5 disc player at the time. If anyone knows, please let me know.

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Very nice system. Looks like you put it together with thought. Also looks very nice.

Well, I can’t definitively say the Rotel would sound better. But I think it is very likely. I have a lot of experience with Rotel. The Rotel is purpose built with a better power supply and is absent the five disc changer contraption. This is likely to result in a higher sound quality. I like Rotel equipment for their cost range.


Also it is typically better to match components to the same manufacturer. They tend to perform a little better provided that the company was working towards high-quality sound with simplicity of design simplicity. I think it likely a great choice.



Nice system- yes, the matching Rotel RCD1072 will sound better.


Happy Listening!

Owned a Rotel RCD855 when it came out back in the early 1990's and found it to be a durable component. It also sounded surprisingly good at the time and the coaxial output allowed me to try a few different outboard dac's, including the Meridian 203, which turned out to have a nice synergy with the RCD 855. 

I used a 1072 for many years and it is a great player. I only sold it to get the 1572.

Back from my day in getting college money working at a shop that repaired video game consoles (lots of PlayStations) I learned to hate all CD transports made by Sony or (more so now) one of its suppliers.  They sadly dominate the industry.


Now it seems that TEAC makes the better transports (the actual mechanical disc reader).  They are just much more solidly built that the various Sony lines and suppliers.  They end up in some of the highest end — e.g., Esoteric.  While some supposed high end (e.g., Mark Levinson, which is normally excellent) has a literal PlayStation plastic-internals transport on a little foam pad as its high end solution.

Long way of saying, figure out what sub manufacturer built the transport in your chosen model and look for TEAC. 

if it wasn’t for advancements in DAC, I’d hunt down a mid 1990s CD player with a metal tray.  If you’re at all handy, I’d still do that and put the old transport into a new model or get one with a digital out and stick it into a new DAC.  With rare exception, they literally don’t make them like they used to make them.


I looked at your system and agree that it was well assembled. But with that beautiful Thorens, why do you feel the need for a CD player? Or would it be something your wife would feel more comfortable using?

The Audiolab 6000CDT is a great transport for the money $450, but does require an outboard DAC as it is a transport only

I have a marantz cd6004 and it has served me well. My components are comparable to yours, I doubt you would see a decisive difference. 

The big one I noticed is resale value, Rotels go for about 50% than Marantz CD players. 

Obviously you have an itch, no decent 2 way system should have a multi-disc CD player in it!

Well, not so much to suggest a machine as to show what some recent affordable players ' interiors look like.  I was helping a friend out by putting together an audio system for a lakefront home that he and his significant other purchased to eventually retire to.  These are interiors of four players at different price points and I have to say, they are rather sparse-looking compared to machines from previous decades. 



Thanks all. I’m thinking of replacing Marantz w/ matching Rotel RCD1072, if better, not some other brand, or I'll just keep my Marantz.

Buy used! Do not go with separates, transport and DAC. You will not notice the difference and have more interconnects and power cords. I've tried the aforementioned audiolab mixed with a couple of different DACs. I could not hear any improvement. IMHO



I too have a CDT6000, mine with a Audio Alchemy DDP-1 + PS 5: I clearly hear the difference between the same company's 1.0 v 1.5m coax. ditto power cords, and even different iso devices

What don’t you like about your current system?  What are you hoping to achieve with a change?

Simple, I just want to know if rcd1072 is better than cc4001. If it is then it will match my receiver, so its a win, win.

The 1072 came out in 2004...if you are set on Rotel, the new lower cost Rotel's are better than both...and they just introduced some new MKll versions so the remaining stock of the MKl's are available at good prices...

yes, the newer Rotel and Marantz models sound much better than both the 1072 and 4001...I currently have a Marantz CD6006 and Rotel CD11 Tribute , both excellent and reasonably priced...

True, but I’m looking at used 1072 to match receiver. I would think it's better than my Marantz.

 @davetheoilguy  You say "figure out what sub-manufacturer built the transport in your chosen model..."

How can one find that information for any given cd player?


The easiest, of course, is to crack one open and look at the sticker on the transport.

But, assuming that is not an option, a little Google-Fu can get you there.  The manuals are generally on-line and a little deep reading of the legal bits you ignore normally (e.g., “manufactured under license from Sony Corporation by ABC corp in DEF China) will tell you you’re dealing with a re-badged PlayStation.

The alternative (if you just want to get a TEAC) just look for TEAC subsidiaries or suppliers.  There are plenty reasonably priced models made.  Again, I very much enjoy a Esoteric K-03XD which is a TEAC transport with really nice multiple DACs, a good clock, and nice isolation of the noisy digital components.  Not exactly entry level, but you can get them used or from Japan very reasonably.

Other ways: Google repairs of the player in which you are interested.  Someone will have cracked it open.  I did that to confirm my recollection that Mark Levinson CD player had a low-tier PlayStation transport on a pillow they sell for an amazing premium before I slandered them unfairly. Absolute garbage, which disappointed me to no end because I generally like the brand.


@davetheoilguy   thanks--will give that a shot--i've got an old mid-90's Pioneer player/burner in my second system and you got my curiosity fired up.