Entry level CDP

In the Audiogon classifieds are a Rega Planet, NAD C542 BEE, and a Musical Fidelity E624. If price means much, then the NAD must have the most use, followed by the Rega. Which one will give the best overall performance with rock, classical, and jazz? Which one will still be going strong years from now? Thanks
MP3, MP4, and WAM is a must, without fussiness.

The NAD C515BEE is the player you need to be checking out.$299.00 new at several NAD authorized online dealers.
Seems like the others are shootin' themselves in the feet.
I can get the NAD in person
Moon Audio has a very good reputation, FWIW. Dealt w them 1 or 2x and had good experiences, but 'net sales of cables so not gospel.
R a couple of moon audio sites. This one is a dealer in Holly Springs, NC. www.moon-audio.com