Episode Speaker Replacement Grills

Hi guys. I have a pair of Episode speakers in my patio ceiling and the grills have rusted so I wanted to replace them. I found them on SnapAV.com but it seems like unless you’re an ’authorized AV professional’ they don’t let you buy. I havnt had luck finding them elsewhere including Amazon so I’m hoping someone in here knows where to look https://xender.vip/ . Thanks.

  • I understand your frustration. Have you tried reaching out to Episode's customer service to see if they can help you with purchasing the grills? They may be able to direct you to a retailer that can sell them to you. Additionally, you can try looking for authorized Episode dealers in your area and contacting them to see if they can order the grills for you. Another option is to search for audio equipment forums where other enthusiasts may have suggestions on where to purchase parts like replacement grills.