Epos 10

The Epos 10 have great reviews. I wonder if anyone has compared them against Totems Rainmakers/Dream Makers ...among others. Just wondering how the EPOs 10 standup in a crowded bookshelf market.
Thanks. Richard
I have compared the Epos against the Totem speakers you mention. I initially head the Epos els3 and one of the 2 Totem models. At first it's easy to prefer the Totem's highs compared to the Epos highs. Pop music, jazz, and the like sounded more attractive on the Totems. When i switched to classical music the Epos was the clear preference as it was simply a more balanced speaker. The Totem's emphasis of the highs really became a weakness. Also I found the Epos bass tighter than that of the Totem speaker.
Fast forward---I have over the past 10 yrs moved from the Els3 to the M5, then M5i, and now Elan 10 model. The 10 is very revealing, balanced and non fatiguing. To be fair I haven't heard the Totems in several years and they may as well made model changes, etc.
So, from a design perspective the Epos models are balanced, play all music types well, and are non fatiguing. I recommend them highly. Listen to the Totem too---they may have made improvements or there may be new comparable models. They are also a small speaker - focused company.