eqipment on 24/7?

what are the current thoughts about leaving upper-end digital audio gear on 24/7? I leave my high-current A/B integrated on stand-by when not in use, but was advised to leave CD player, streamer, DAC, etc on 24/7. Good advise?
I have similar configuration - SS amp and tube premp.
I have been told to switch off the amp before the preamp, lest it damages the speakers. So how do you manage with switching the preamp on/off while the amplifier is always ON? No issues?
I don't. I leave it on 1/2 hr before I listening. All the electronic component should reach steady state then.
Not trying to be a wise guy, but if it only takes a 1/2 hour to sound optimum, why bother leaving it on 24/7?  Is there a sonic difference?  If there isn't does that mean that we're all leaving our gear on to be able to 'save' a 1/2 hour?  Here's the thing, I've tried both ways, and I'm hard-pressed to hear the difference.  So, even though I've been at this for decades, I'm left with the old basic, rookie insecurities.  Namely, is my gear good enough to hear the difference?, is my hearing?  I'm curious to read more!;)
My old McIntosh MC2100 originally didn’t have an on/off power switch so it was on 24/7 but it sounded really good.
I used to leave all my gear on 24/7 with nothing but positive results.

With my Kinki X-M1, I leave it on standby and it works just fine. The reason is, my media stand is tight on vertical space and the Kinki will 
heat up to where it actually gets hot.

Others who have theirs out in the open have no problems. So, it all depends.

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