Equalizer in a Hi Fi system

Just curious to hear everyone’s opinions on using an equalizer in a high end hi fi system. Was at work tonight and killing time and came across a Schitt Loki max $1500 Equalizer with some very good reviews. What are some of the pros / Benefits and cons in using one. Just curious. BTW. I’m talking about a top of the line. Hi end equalizer. Mostly to calm some high frequencies and some bad recordings. 

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@dgarretson , I have checked out your gear. Wow.  With that quality and a Manley MP in between pre and monos, I can ONLY IMAGINE what kind of insane SQ you are hearing. And with your ability to bend a curve, on such a hi fi rig, you can pretty much make most recordings sound any way you want!

@tlcocks , thanks. I ventured into the Manley analog equalizer for home use by thinking of a Cello Palette, but stripped of the often degrading presence of OP amps. (Never heard one, however, so no harm no foul.) It is interesting that Mark Levinson, who began with the notion of hi-end audio as "a wire with gain", ended up marketing an equalizer preamp... Also, though not inexpensive, the Manley piece reflects the value proposition of pro studio gear, without the price-to-market premiums typically associated with high-end home audio. Which leads me to question of what’s inside the new McIntosh piece. I haven’t found any details. Has anyone looked inside?

@dgarretson  If u go on utube and search for McIntosh MQ112 Ski Fi audio. They have a video about 50 min of the MQ112. At the end of it they show u the inside. Also I do not see your system in your profile ? 

I'll check it out.  I deleted my system profile several years back after a hack into my Audiogon account with attempted fraud.