2024 Audio System Wish List


I’ve been doing this for years now- and it’s time for our 2024 wish list!

In 2023 I explored the world of room treatment and purchased a modest amount of products from GIK and Acoustimac, and for an approximate $400 investment, I was extremely satisfied how it really helped my music listening experience- far more than any $400 cable ever has.

My goal for 2024, as it has been for a number of years now, is to explore and add more music. Streaming has been a fantastic way of exploring new to me music, and in some instances after streaming an album, I also wound up buying it on vinyl.

I will probably add some more room treatment, but not much more.

What’s your audio goal for 2024? A new preamp? A DAC? More music?

Enjoy 🥂


Higher efficiency speakers to optimize my current tube amps (QS Mono 60s) and to lead me toward lower powered tube amps. Heaven help me -- I've got the bug.


There are much worse diseases. Good luck with your search.​​​​​​ 

Personally, I would like a set of Live Vibe platforms for my floor standers in the coming year.

2024 is going to be weird. For the first time in my life, I am completely happy with my system. I did the simple math as I was turning in for the night. In order to make a notable improved change, I'd need to double the price with about every piece.

I think I'll buy more music.  

I am in the same boat as @doyle3433 and I am leaning towards small tweaks and room treatments. Thinking about a set of these under my TT or Server. 


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@doyle3433  I have been well satisfied with my components for years. That’s not weird- it’s great! You reached a great place. Now it’s time to buy music 

Replacing my Aurender N10 steamer with an Aurender A20 streamer/DAC. Why? Because, I was so blown away when switching from a Bluesoun Node to the N10, the A20 with built in DAC is more than likely going to be an equally big upgrade.

Trip to Japan first, then I’ll se what I need there. Mostly records. I like'em with Japanese writing up'n'down and I like ones with OBI.

Hopefully, I can figure out why my system is plagued by sibilance and do a better job of component matching. 

Funny you mention GIK Acoustics....    I have been looking at their site and think that would be a good investment at this point.   


Buying a whole new audio system ,

upgrading Loudspeaker Xovers I have been doing over 20 years in Every Loudspeaker under $30k Xover parts are average at best and is the ♥️ of all speakers ,sad but true , the Coda8 amp, T+A200 dac , Active preamp 

innuos server streamer and a AQ Niagra 5000 line conditioner ,new power cords 

speakers we shall see $50 k retail before 20+% discounts. Hopefully before fall.


I've had double low Sistrum racks from Live Vibe for about 5 years and Sistrums under some speakers.  Love the look and especially the sound.  I have RTS couplers clamping each component to it's platform--great sound upgrade and it eliminates the possibility of tipping or knocking a component clean off the points. They even look like they belong on a Sistrum.  Your can even put them in the middle between the speakers as long as they are a little behind the backs of them with NO sound penalties.  Got a great deal on some used Sistrums and RT couplers--thanks Al J.  You'll love what the Live Vibe stuff does for the sound!



New power conditioner, potentially trying some different cables over my Kimber, and maybe move to a more serious TT from my current Uturn.

also buying a vacation home, so need a whole new system there! 

I'll be VERY happy if my phono preamp gets repaired and works as it used to--if it gets some upgrade to make it sound even better, that would be frosting on the cake.  My system, room, room treatments, along with being pretty thoroughly tweaked out is sounding very good.  I just need to sell the stuff I'm not using and there's quite a bit of it.  I'll definitely be adding more music now that my room have at least doubled the storage space for records, CDs and cassettes.

I’ve been going back and forth with GIK on room treatment and plan to get started in January or February.  I have a small listening room (~12x16) so I’m doing near field listening.  I really like the sound of my system as is, so I’m going to start slow with the 1st and 2nd reflection points and panels on the ceiling over the speakers.  Later, I may add corner bass traps and panels behind the speakers on the front wall.  

My next major purchase will be a new or used preamp.  I really like my BHK preamp, but it doesn’t have an RCA fixed output or record in/out connectors and I need that in order to record vinyl to my Teac X10-R R2R (like I once did back in the 80’s 😉).

I’m considering buying 20 - 25 foot xlrs and a new audio rack to move my equipment to the side wall.  Not sure it will happen but pretty happy with everything else. 

Enjoying all the things I bought in 2023!  I’ll see how long that sentiment lasts 😀


I owned a set of Sistrum SP101 stands for about 14 years and loved them under my large floorstanders. I sold the speakers and thought that I wouldn't need them since I planned on stand mounts, but the plan changed after I sold them, and I'm back to floorstanding speakers, so I need a new set. I wish that they were more affordable, but they are so worth the price.

@tksteingraber +1. Only mine is a phono Preamp ordered Jan 6 2022. We are close buddy!  At least part way up the first page!!  I’m told it’s worth the wait! 


I hope someone puts a great deal like I got two times over from the same guy. On my double racks I have 6 Sistrum platforms and 6 of the rods and it cost me about $2300 total. The same fellow contacted me when he had 2 more and I bought those for under $800 and later swapped them for many of Krissy’s products that make a significant upgrade in sound in all ways to any system. It benefitted both of us and neither of us paid for something besides the shipping of the stuff we were getting. I love those kind of deals.  Robert Maicks at Live Vibe is a great guy to work with and I've ordered quite a few things from him over the years.


I'll play.  I have finished up my theater, which doubles as a 2 channel listening room also.  My children are in high school, so will be an empty nester in the next couple of years.  Time to turn the game room into a dedicated 2 channel listening room.  I will start to piecemeal a really good system to work with my Focal Sopra 3 and Bryston amp.  In 2024 I will get a Streamer.  Roku just doesn't do it justice.

I'll play too---one of the first things I purchased after Xmas was a Petru Design graphic visualizer/record stand. I've seen them all over Instagram so I decided to get one as well. Super cool looking and it reminds me of the graphic equalizers from the 80s. 

Later next year, I'd like to upgrade one of my audio racks, maybe some new speakers and maybe a new streamer.

I am currently using a Cambridge CXC transport. Well  upgrade that soon. Likely with a Jays Audio CD2MK3. 

The winning powerball numbers so I can get out of this complex merry go round.it is merry and relaxing listening to music it does calm the savage beast.it is fun and mentally challenging to roll amps speakers tubes ect.the mind loves different input.enjoy the music stay healthy.

I ordered some LP shelves from Boltz in September. Hopefully they will arrive sometime in 2024 so I can enjoy them.

An APEX Upgrade for my DCS Bartok.  And/or an Audio Research Ref 160 power amp to replace my Ref 110

Well I recently journed to the local high end stereo store to listen to the new stuff.  I came away wanting a DCS Bartok. It was playing through the new SF Amati G5's, Nordost flat cables (forgot the model #), the 2 piece Mac Pre c1200 and Mac Mono-Block 611's. Extremely musical, fantastic detail, but most of all I was left with sense of palable depth and substance to each individual player in the quartet.  This was all through Roon and I did not note their Roon core (the Bartok is a Streamer/Dac/Pre).  Oh well, my audio budget is blown for the year.

I find it odd that a lot of folks want to invest in room treatments AFTER they've purchased and setup all their gear. That's backwards. Better late than never, I guess. I just finished my room a few months ago so we're going to sit back and enjoy it in 2024. No planned purchases at all!

New step up transformer for the Koetsu Urushi Tsugaru I got a couple of years ago.  Would replace mt Rothwell - considering a Swissonor (Hashimoto transformers), or if I feel rich, a Koetsu to match.  

(1) Finish my audio room, with all of the delays.....hopefully by March/April?

(2) Receive and start breaking in my Clayton Shaw Caladan speakers

(3) Build all of the DIY speaker and power cables that I've purchased over the last 6 months (Oyaide, Furutech, Neotech, RAMM, Acoustic Revive, SAEC, Viborg, DH Labs, GR Research)....got at least 2 months worth of work.

@dorkwad ..aka Bob...*s Thanks for your comment re Sistrum racks and the Live Vibe approach to resonance and vibration in system, something that many approach with various means and intended 'cures' which may or not.  Their acceptance of mechanical vibration(s) and a broad scope of 'live with it' v. 'fighting a tireless foe' is novel...and worth some thought....
I esp. found their treatment of the back corners of their 'Energy Room' *trademark implied* ;)...a fascinating diversion from the typ.'bass trap'...and one that appears easier for one to 'diy' to try for themselves; and what appears to be rock wool insulation in the wall cavities is one that I will attest to 'work'....but not in an audio application, from my obscure past...  *Book mark applied* *G*  

'Ell, everything vibrates...right down to the atomic level.  Wave the flag, and surrender... 👍😏

The ER's are a bit Spartan, at least in the published pics....but the minimalist approach is kinda fitting for the 'That's the Point' listening space... and the comment that it's applicable to 'modest equip. expenditures' as well as stratosphere levels makes it more attractive to emulate...  Thanks again...

@stuartk  ....Yeah, ssssSibilance is a pain to ssstymie...my ear aids don't help on occasion depending on the source and the program in prog.... Active eq can help, but it's transient and a 'bug hunt' to sssquelch....a 'notch' filter can cure or kill, the latter being a cost, perhaps too far and much...  
@hilde45 's suggestion is a good one to start or carry on from or with....

Good luck, happy hunting...at least, your methodology is more music... ;) 👍

------------------------------------------------------------------------....and....as for 'gifting' self, If I was to 'go there'....not likely, but if asked....

Depends upon 'where I'd like to go or continue onto':

- A B&K MRA 16.75+, used or new would allow my continued digression in my approach to that of audio....bi, tri, quad, surround, and flavour of the week.


- A NAD  M33, likely used by the time I'd get a roundtoit....and attach the end products of my choice to it when I wave the soiled white-ish flag and desist from this life of deceptance and subterfuge...*L*

But, meanwhile, back @ the raunche'...

Ramble On > Led Zep..... "...been this way, 50+ years to the day...." ;)

Happy PreNew Year, y'all....

Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows (UNKLE Remix)


Improving my streaming side--and maybe replacing the audio rack but thankfully (mercifully?) happy with pre, amp, speakers, turntable, cables (having just splurged on some Fidelium speaker cables) and room--and my only issue with streaming is occasional glitches with running Roon/Tidal/Quobuz that require reboots of core and bridge so looking to eliminate that--SQ is very satisfactory--and then all that's left is discovering new music, for which i'm grateful to this forum's occasional threads on favorites.

Replacing the crossovers and tweeters in my Forte II’s. I’ve been putting this off for about 20 years now.

I have coveted the Jay’s Audio CDT2 transport for several years and now I finally have one on order. This will replace my Audiolab 6000CDT and will force a re-listen of my 2500+ Redbook CDs 😀.

1. Replace wifi extender with ethernet cable to streamer

2. Upgrade and reclock wifi router and get new linear power supply

3. Purchase Uptone EtherREGEN Gen2

This year I bought 4 new Audioquest Dragon PCs. 2) source Audio Research REF 9 CDP and Audio Research Ref 6SE and 2) HC for my Audio Research REF 750s. Next I want to buy 2 pairs of Audio quest Dragon XLR ICs 2 for my Audio Research CD9 and 2 for my REF 750s. Gonna be a nice step up from my Straightwire Crescendo.

My system is sounding really good, so I have been buying music. Trying some new artists and albums I have never listened to from old favorites. It's time to sit back and enjoy the music!

@mksun I had the 6000CDT and upgraded to the CDT2 MK3. I also upgraded the CD puck that Jay's supplied to the Qstab CD Stabilizer.  You will be very happy with your decision to pull the trigger! If you bought new, you will notice an improvement right away, but after the 400 hour break in, the fun really starts!