Equipment to go with Sonus Faber Concertinos?

Dear all,

I am a complete novice who is about to buy a pair of SF concertinos. Any recommendations for a CD player and amplifier to go with them? I have no prior preference for SS or tube, integrated or not, and I am willing to pay whatever is appropriate to match the speakers. There is one caveat, however: the components have to be beautiful!

In case it matters, I listen mostly to classical, and I don't like loud music.

Many thanks,
w/c SF concertinos DOMUS or HOME...i got home series w/tube pre/amp CJ PV10L/MV55.very nice...
dominik- impossible to answer your question- everybody's def.of beauty is as different as their ear listening to music, and on this board there ae those who spend $150,000 on a turntable so be careful with spending "whatever is appropriate"--having said that,if its beauty and musicality you want, macintosh is a great match for the sf line--but is a warm sound-plinius 9200 also will work well but not as good looking---other manuf. make equip. that has greater clarity or delineation which some ears will like and others find " more clinical" and less enjoyable---read through the posts on sf speakers and you'll see discussions re matching equip---good luck and enjoy
Pathos Classic One is a frequent match with Sonus and is a very striking design. Its a hybrid integrated. Very musical. I have it will a pair of Concerto Homes. Have not listened to it with Domus. MkIII is the latest version, I think. Sporadically available used here. Give it a look and listen, if possible.
See if you can find a well preserved used Jadis Orchestra and then you have music heaven.