Eric Clapton Unplugged Horribly Mispressed

Just opened an old copy of EC unplugged LP and, side A has some wierd stuff on it. Used Shazam and I think it is some dance club mix by Move Inc. Called Nonstop
All the labels, sleeve etc are EC. Just side A is wonky. Happened to anyone?
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Well if nothing else, it's sure to be a conversation piece. Wonder what value could be placed on the novelty of the mistake, if any?
I had a Uriah Heep album that had Chuck Mangione on side A!
Thought I had something rare and possibly valuable.
After talking to a collector or three got the same message.
That this type of mispress is very common.
Well that was news to me but nobody wanted to buy it so maybe right.
The matrix in the run out was like 3 numbers down in the catalogue from the correct Uriah Heep pressing.

Interesting is about as far as it goes.
Thanks guys 
So, this happens. This is the first time I played it. I had two copies, the first was normal but, got damaged. So I want for this back up, which happened to be a Frankensteins LP  :)

Misspressed I would say. This is supposed to be an EC Unplugged album and Move Inc. was on side 1. 
I got exactly what you meant Jag, still do not think it is as common as the collectors I spoke to insisted it was but maybe Eric Clapton is more collectible than Uriah Heep.
Some EC collector may want it?
@unerwaltz , wow, did not realise that such things were "collectable" but...different strokes for different folks. 
Everything is relative... Lol.
For a die-hard EC fan it might be a must have.
I did eventually sell my Uriah Heep mispress on eBay to a Heep collector.
You just never know......