ESL speakers : looking for something..need help

After toying with a few different speakers in my room,
wich is my listening/computer room ( 10' by 16' )

i decided to invest some time and money on a better speaker setup.

I've already invested some good time in reading on DIY electrostatic speakers; read a few books, lots lots of websites, tried a few experiments.

Now i am up to the point where i have more money than i ever had, but much less free time on my hands.

So i must choose between fabricate my own ESLs or buy some already assembled ones!

Here is what i am looking for :

- low-mid -- > high highs drivers
(do not need good bass since i will be using and independant
subwoofer(s) )

-Height must be under 8' since the room is 8' high
but width must not exceed 2' since i do not want it to be too obstrusive.

-Must be of high quality, but i have a budget limit of near 1000-1500$ USD for the pair, i woudl buy in used form to save some $$$ without any problems ...

I was considerin M-Logan's speakers, thought i do not need the "curved" diaphragm surface at all since it is for personal listening, and i assume it makes the room accoustics alot harder to work with then completly lineair speakers
then most ML speakers have woofers on then with huge cabinets wich i dot not need/want

What other choices do i have?

any suggestions will be considered greatly :)

driving those with a pair of Bryston 2B in mono
so roughly 150W of good power

thanks all :)
Find a pair of used CSL Martin&Logan speakers. Just stats- no woofers. Also old pair of Quads might make your budget.
There are a number of choices that don't have woofers. Keep hunting.
acoustat 2 speakers for around 500 are a steal if they are in good condition..the 2+2 and 1+1 models are very good, too, but stand 8' tall

your amplification is adequate at best is my guess. I can a pair of Acoustat 2 speakers with a modified Hafler DH200 (110 watts) years back; did not work very well. In fact, a Bedini 25/25 played louder and with better bass than the Hafler..go figure.

I would want something more along the lines of the Levinson ML9 (25wpc@8ohms, 400 watts @ 0.5 ohms) or a more recent Krell/Threshold/Levinson/Plinius type of amplifier with a monstrous power supply. Or a really powerful valve amplifier like one of the older VTL pure triode monoblocks.
Old Quad ESLs could be a good choice if the width isn't a problem and you don't listen to a lot of rock.

I think a set of Acoustat 1+1 speakers are your best bet for the size room you have to work with. They are two inches shy of eight feet tall, but only about 10 inches wide and have a fairly small footprint. Best of all, they sound quite good -- you may not even need a sub. You will need a moderately powerful amp -- or one capable of delivering a lot of voltage (as opposed to current). I occasionally see them on A-gon for $600-$800. The ones with the Medallion interfaces are the preferred version. If you find a set with Medallions and 5-wire panels snap them up.

Happy Listening!
I second the Acoustat 1+1. These are and were one of the great electrostat designs. They do need a high current amplifier. Your Bryston might do the trick but see if you can find an Acoustat TNT 200 it was built for those speakers. Or if you want something newer, try one of the newer Haflers. They are designed by Jim Strickland who helped found Acoustat. Too bad this line of speakers were sabatoged by HP from the Absolute Sound.
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Well thanks all for the good information! :)

This should be more than enough to get me started on some speakers ...

I looked into the newer Final Sound corp pannels, and they are really out of my $$$$$ reach for now .

The brystons will surely do for starter, i'll up the amplifiers to 2 monoblocks later on.

8' tall accoustat would be crazy looking setup in my room!
gotta give it a try :p

thanks all again ! :)