Does anyone collect something else other than music.

 I guess all of us must be collectors at heart, both music and kit, but are there other collecting obsessions out there? Many people collect watches, cars, mountain bikes and so on.

I have started a small collection of good Scotch malt whisky. Always loved whisky, but never studied the range and quality available. It may be a bit easier for me, living in the UK, although most bottles seem to be available in the US, at comparable prices too. The only drawback is that I don't get to drink any of the good stuff, as the collection is something I intend to leave to my kids, who all have tastes above their pay grade. Whisky has always been collectable, but prices do seem to be on the up. It is staggering what bottles, particularly of the best distilleries and closed ones, can go for. Prices over £100,000 for one bottle, aren't unusual, with interest from all over the world.

 I like all whisky, but my current favourite is probably Caol Ila, a not too heavily peated  Islay distillery. Glad to say my consumption has remained very modest. Unfortunately, when we emerge from Covid 19, I think there are going to be a lot more problem drinkers.

 So what do you collect? If you are a whisky fan too, perhaps post your favourites and bottles worth collecting.


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I collect antique radios, and to a lesser extent vintage tube hifi equipment.

The appeal of antique radios to me derives from their unique combination of aesthetic, technical, and historical factors. Also, it’s interesting to note that the better radios of the 1930s, if properly restored, can far outperform just about any AM radio made today in terms of both station getting ability and sound quality. Partly because they had to, as stations in those days were fewer and farther between than is the case today, transmitters were much lower powered than they are today, and AM radio was the main source of entertainment in the home in those days.

The photos shown at the following link represent just a fraction of my collection:

Best regards,
-- Al

Cast iron skillets, kitchen knives. 

I have collected a few vintage Wagners, Lodges, BSRs, Griswolds, as well as a couple of modern Lodge pans.  Use them all.
Also enjoy my Miyabi Kaizen knife set and Zwilling Pros. 

I guess you could say I have a craft beer collection also.

I have a small,very selective,automatic wrist watch collection & am active in an online community...Mostly Professional grade Divers watches,NO Rolex or Omega,I’m much more selective than a brand I can see a dozen of in any financial district on the planet.I do have 1 watch that has served on the International Space Station & has walked in space!
Ahh, craft ales. Yummy. The stuff I collect, it would be a security breach to talk about.
Nice radios, Al. Although my naive favorites are those big piano key Telefunken Grundigs.
@millercarbon I used collect/drink craft beer until the guts went south from abuse. Too many 12% quads.
I also have a collection of some watches, having been a watchmaker for years, a couple of the most contemporary examples being from later 2000s. Also have antiques collected many years ago, since growing up in the antique business.
Cameras.  Not really on purpose, but I have too many of them.  I have also collected tens of thousands of images that I've taken with them.  I have enough watches to wear a different one every day of the month, but they are mostly Seikos, Citizens, and the like, nothing extravagant.
The variety is fascinating. I feel men are more likely to be obsessional about collecting, perhaps that's why a high percentage of audiophiles are men. But it seems a percentage of men are collectors and of a number of different things. No whisky buffs yet, plenty of time
I do not collect anything, but have heard many times that I should collect myself.
Guitars and single malt.

Those of you who collect watches might enjoy reading “A Grand Complication”, by Stacy Perman.  An amazing recounting of the quest to build the finest watch.
That's an amazing radio collection. I've always lusted after a bakelite vintage radio. Are you familiar with The Museum of Radio and Electricity in Bellingham, Washington? It's got an amazing collection, supposedly the largest in private hands (outside Smithsonian's).
Autographs, musical & historical.
Elvis owned items, Billie Holiday items, select baseball stuff. 
Beyond that, age spots like the rest of us.
My girlfriend and I collect art. We have drawings, paintings, prints, posters and original comic art throughout our apartment, mostly by younger, underground artists. It's wonderful having a home full of work that appeals to our shared sense of humor. We also have a lot of zines, though we haven't picked up so many of those in the last year as we've missed the last couple fairs. 

I used to collect books, but that's fallen off since I started selling them for a living.
Wine I am in the wine business not an enormous cellar maybe 300 or so bottles mostly Burgundy, Tuscany, Peidmont, and Champagne. Also brandy I have 13 different bottles working mostly Cognac and Armagnac with one CA brandy and one Marc de Bourgogne.
@flatblackround , @noromance , @kacomess , thanks for your nice comments.

@kacomess , I believe you are referring to the SPARK Museum. I recall having read about it, but I’m on the opposite coast so a visit most likely isn’t in the cards.

Regarding bakelite, the five plastic radios appearing in one of my photos are sometimes loosely referred to as bakelite, but more precisely they are made of a somewhat different plastic known as Catalin. Unlike the much more common true bakelite, Catalin often has a semi-translucent and/or marbled character, although less so in modern times as Catalin tends to darken or even change color with age. (Although with enough sanding, polishing, expertise, and patience its original appearance can be restored). That character combined with the deco styling many such radios had, together with their rarity, makes them particularly appealing to collectors and correspondingly valuable.

Thanks again for your comments. Best regards,
-- Al

I don’t collect stuff because I’m into collecting. I end up with collections of stuff because sometimes an individual item will "speak to me," even though I have a similar item already. If that item happens to be one more guitar or fiddle...or one more performance of a Beethoven piano be it.
Garden scale steam engines and rolling stock.  Battery and digital remote for power and control.  Accucraft, Bachmann, HLW and a few others.  Circa 1880 to 1910.

IBM (and others) punch cards.

I also had a bunch of other IBM stuff but in my move to a smaller house it had to go. The Computer Museum of America bought it all.

I also had a fair collection of JBL speakers, including the L300.
Managed to sell it all to one person except for 3 sets. Dorian S12 purchased new by me from Allied Electronics on south Western Ave. in Chicago in the late 60s. L222 Disco purchased new 1974. And L65 Jubal bought used in the early 2000s.
Having moved house, my wife says I collect stuff and junk. I just don’t throw out what I should.
Despite cleaning the new house weekly, it seems, as per GK, dust. Where does it all come from?
It's not much of a collection but I have a few old wood cabinet radios.One is a floor model Philco with a turntable that pulls out from the front.My favorite is a Telefunken Allegro AmFm with a phono stage.
Al I can't believe I overlooked your link when I posted earlier those radio's look amazing! Especially the floorstanding one's what a fantastic collection thanks for sharing the pics.
Thanks Al. Your antique radio collection made me smile.
That's not as easily accomplished nowadays.
I suffer from OCD (obsessive collecting disorder). I collect knives,  used to be any knife but I managed to scale it back to just folders. I also collect hats, books, flashlights, watches and headphones. Financial and space restrictions are my major limiters.

I think I must collect hobbies:
I keep Koi, play drums, I have a small road bike collection with the requisite vintage no’s parts, there’s my woodworking shop in the garage, golf, I have a small collection of mid-mod abstract animal sculptures, I have a 68 mustang fastback, I like mid-mod danish furniture. 

Wine. European.Thousands of bottles. The right choice for any occasion.
Women, yes, earlier in life. Experience, yes, all over, and often and various, so many lucky encounters. Books, from philosophy to botany, and not just music and audio kit. 

Has anyone mentioned plants? I collect the rarest and most special trees, shrubs and perennials.Cultivars of European Beech top the long list of deciduous shade trees, while specimens of 21st Century Epimedium introductions, courtesy of Darrell Probst and Prof. Ogitsu, form the most refined perennial backbone of my enterprise. A hundred various peonies, just to occupy what would otherwise be weed space.

My grounds are a smaller scale arboretum/botanical garden, more compact like Linda Hall but with some specimens equal to those in the vast expanses of Arnold, Morton, etc. I personally plant, mow,  trim,prune and transplant, slowly getting the symbiosis right, having done so for 35 years.
Forgetting a few other things here. But no model trains. No wristwatches. Just wine, Armagnacs, great books, the best cookware, and the finest specimen plants. Plus whatever I'm not remembering just now.
Well, you asked. LOL to the witty answers above.
Memories... the best ones are releasing big fish and keeping an eater for dinner.... in very remote places where if I screw up I am dead...
Pinball Machines.  Mostly EM (electro mechanical) from before about 1977.  But some newer since then.  Iron Man is the newest.  

It fills a real gearhead bent without the depreciation.  
I don't have a 'collection', per se...but 'things' collect me.

The odd art....Masami Teraoka print, "31 Flavors Invades Japan" is above my desk, an original water color gift from a designer that respected my work, some raku ceramic pieces, other prints that struck fancy, this 'n that...*s*

I collected neon items for awhile, but they don't travel well and run voltages that rival 'stat speakers....and higher. "Don't touch th..."

"Yes, I'm got something for your burnt's a drink..."

('Caution! 15,000 volts!' sign notwithstanding....*sigh*)

Items collect 'bendable plywood', wanting something 'subtle' to be done with it.  Odd wood, one of which I can't find in any list of rare wood.

Cast-off PA cabinets that rendered an 18" EV woofer that got reconed professionally, and awaits a cabinet.  A pair of JBL speaker with mangled cabs, but the drivers intact, more or less (10" woofers reconed, but everthing else 'good to go').  A pair of DIY cabs that rendered a 12" Utah woofers (reconed) and the matching horns.
(Since 'repurposed' into a pair of 'pseudo-Ohms"...a private joke...)

I 'collect' odd tools for the work of our business, odd in itself.
(We design, build, and install 'natural playground' structures.  In itself, uneffected by C19...thankfully....).  We have some things that other wood shops would likely not consider, or even recognize.

*L* Anything that enters my space...leaves 'different'.

That's my 'thing'....*S*

I can't count the times I've been approached with..."....this has Jerry written all over it.  Here..."

Given a proper budget, I'm about ready to do the impossible with Nothing. 

It's a knack. ;)

Craft India Pale Ales.  My previously broad appreciation of craft beers has narrowed to IPAs, which I have been able to find in abundance.
I don’t think my cellar would count as a collection as it’s just a hundred bottles or so. Same for my spirits, I don’t think 20 or 30 Bottles of scotch really count as a collection do they? 
The thing I’ve spent the most money and time on over the years are high grade pipes. Mostly by North American makers but I’ve got a little collection of old English (dunhill, etc.,) and Italian workshop pipes as well. I don’t suppose there are any pipe collectors here are there? 

I know a couple of guys who collect ex-wives.

I'm like @edcyn, except for vintage drums and cymbals. 18 drumsets (Radio King, Slingerland, Gretsch, Camco, Rogers, Leedy, Leedy/Ludwig, Ludwig, WFL), around double that in snare drums (including a couple late-20's Ludwigs), half a dozen canister thrones, a couple dozen cymbals (A. Zildjian, K. Zildjian, and Paiste 602).

Books of 19th/20th century (mostly in French), Vintage camera (taking B&W photos), Pipes (!) and small cellar (~100) of Wine and aged Armagnac (40-60 years old). 

Life is short and we need to enjoy and live wisely every moment of it...

I collect rare coins.  My favorites being old ones that no longer circulate, i.e. half cents, half dimes, two and three cent pieces.  My oldest coin is a 1798 dollar in fine condition.  It is a modest collection, but great fun as history is much a part of it.
People collect all sorts of strange things. For a while I worked in the publishing industry that included magazines on collecting. I have a very small collection of masks. Somehow the images speak to me. They range from Peruvian to Mardi Gras as well as some artistic masks including one my daughter made which is quite special.
Those radios are terrific.  I have collected and restored 1950s  jukeboxes. I had nine at one point, down to my three favorites now. I'd like to show photos but I don't know how.