Esoteric D-03 or D-05

I am interested in feedback from anyone who has witnessed these 2 dac units. I know the D-03 was first and more expensive but in theory the D-05 learned from the D-03 and has newer technology. Dynamics, proper instrumental weight and low end extension and clarity are important to me. I have a K-07x and a P-03 that it would be used with.

Thanks for looking!

While the D 03 uses last years tech, it has a much more robust power supply.  The Dac in my Esoteric SACD player is Burr Brown (TI) PCM 1704 which is an R to R Ladder DAC.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.  If I want to listen to DSD, I use my Sony Music Server instead.
Hi stereo5,
Thanks for your response and which player do you own? I have heard that the 1704 is awesome 
I have the UX3 which is the same as the X03 except my unit can play DVD audio as well.