Esoteric K-07 conversion


I have an Esoteric X-03se. I know it converts the DSD layer on SACD to PCM. Does the K-07 play pure native DSD on SACD?

Also, is the K-07 upgradable to the "x" version?


how do you like your X-03se ? I have only listening to the DV-50/60 series of Esoteric spinners. Are you thinking about
upgrading to the K-07?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Jafant: I haven't heard any of the new K series players but have been the VERY happy owner of an X-03SE for a number of years. Great machine--sound, build quality--superb unit!
I have this player and 68Pete is correct, the K-07 is not up-gradable to the X-version. I did check with Esoteric...very disappointing to say the least.

None the less the K-07 is still a fine player in all areas of CD play back as one would expect.