Esoteric P-70 and D-70

Considering purchasing these combo units. I am concerned about the sweetness and top-end air. Anyone personally listened to both together? If so, what was the ancillary equipment? Could you please describe the sound, indicating the source discs, if known. Also, could anyone compare this combo to the Reimyo, Accustic Arts combo units and EMM combo units for Redbook CD ONLY. I am not interested in SACD. Thanks.

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Audioesq, I think information that would be very helpful to you is on a thread I started entitled, Reference DACS: An overall perspective. Someone just posted an audition of the Esoteric reference gear compared to both Reimyo and Meitner digital front ends. You will see I on the thread that I attempted to put DACS into two groupings regarding their overall sonic flavor. All my auditioning was done on redbook,I too am not interested in SACD. My hunch is that you are seeking a type #2 sounding DAC, therefore DACS like the Accustic Arts and Reimyo would be more your "sonic cup of tea" then the Esoteric pieces. Another important aspect is the digital cable you will be using, I just auditioned the new Stealth Sextet cable and found it to be a true breakthough regarding another step towards musicality/warmth that many audiophiles would call analog without losing any speed, details, or dynamics. I also posted a review here on the GON that you might find interesting. Hope this helps.
Teajay, thank you for the info. I actually prefer a sound which is slightly leaning to the #1 sound. Who doesn't like detail, as long as it is sweet, delicate, and uncolored? But you are correct; I don't want an analytical sound.

Does the Reimyo extract as much detail as the Esoteric? Does it do so in a natural, organic manner? There usually is a continuum--on the one side,very detailed and analytical--what some have labeled type#1. On the other side--warmth, sweetness and a certain tubelike quality--BUT MISSING some of the detail.

Audioesq, thanks for your thanks, I don't know if I would use the term "JUST RIGHT", but based on auditioning many digital front ends I would offer the following as coming close to the sonic ideal you are seeking. The first would be the Ensemble HI-DAC that, to my ear's is a #1 dac but is never bright, harsh, or in your face, but offers silky/smooth presentation. The other is the Accustic Arts DAC1-mk3, which I chose for my system over a Reimyo and Audio Note level 4, which leans towards being a #2 dac but offers great detail/speed/prat with a more velvety/warm overall presentation. It's a great balance between details and musicality/liquidity. So, I would recommend you put both on your audition list and see which "flavor" is to your liking along with what synergy they have with your gear. Hope this helps.
The p70/d70 combo can get #1 and #2 both right associated to different ancillary equipment. This is my system
#1 Antileon Gryphon amplifier, Sonus Faber Amati Homage
#2 Audio Valve baldur 70, Audiodata Avancé speakers
both driven directly from the digital preamplifier buried in the d70 DAC