Esoteric UX-1 upgrade to UX-1 LTD or UX-1P1

Has anyone done this upgrade through Esoteric? What were your results compared to your expectations?

the limited upgrade is definitely audible but not a huge upgrade. you would be beter served selling yours as-is and getting the X-01 limited - the gain in sound quality would be greatly worth the cost.
skip the X-01 D2 - the limited is better IMHO
Thanks Jim - But I already did the upgrade to UX-1Pi, since I wanted DVD-Audio for movies and multichannel capability with HDMI, which you can't get from an X-01.

I am also using an external 32-bit DAC as well as an Esoteric Rubidium clock, so Redbook sounds like SACD in my system. I kept the UX-1 transport since is the best they make, now only being offered in the P-01. It was the best move for me given what I was trying to achieve. Esoteric was also a pleasure to work with.

Thanks for the input though - I admit I'm a little surprised you like the X-01 Ltd over the D2 - I'd heard the D2 was the top of the X-01 food chain, but have not heard either in my system.