Ethernet streaming

Many high end dac’s now have built in streaming capability via Ethernet. Is this a better way to go than adding a separate streamer to feed the dac?  In my case, streaming Qobuz and using roon. Also have an Aurender dac/pre that wouldn’t be needed if dac only streaming was used. Wondering about the advantages and disadvantages of these two approaches. I’m sure this has been discussed before, but I can’t find it.



That is very much the same way Srajan does with his system. He's tried many servers and found that something like the Taiko Supreme was needed to  better his setup but wasn't willing to drop $34K on it. 

I don't stream but find his reasoning and findings reasonable. 

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I prefer separate streamer and DAC but would "settle" for an Aurender A30....

I have a N200 with my DAC and almost bought the Bricasti plus network card 

The Aurender is worth the money if you stream a lot and have a DAC that can exploit how good it is.  

I have an Aurender A15. Like it, dac is good but not exceptional. Looking at a new dac.  A15 has usb out, but no other output.  Also want roon flexibility, maybe Aurender n200 for conductor use and new dac with roon endpoint for Ethernet streaming? 

A top dac is always better , for in a streaming package you are trying to cram everythung under the Hood ,I had  had The Bricasti 3 streamer dac it s good 

but separates still better such as a $4k innuos SS hard drive and Roon ready 

with T+A 200 dac  $7k  for under $10 k with discounts is a great reference setup 

at a decent price ,this is my Xmas 🎅 Xmas gift 🎁 to myself.

Not aware of a manufacturer that makes a great DAC and a great streamer.  So I would expect an all-in-one would be a compromise.