Would like to find audio fans to discuss and compare systems. Thanks for your responses
Hi Fatman - I'm sorry to say that I hail from Evansville (kiddin' of course :-) Good to hear from you. I'll drop an email your way so as not to bore the group here. If the wires get crossed, you can reach me at tburn98@hotmail.com.
Regards ... Tom
I live in carmel and would possibly be interested in getting together and comparing systems, just email me if you are interested. gregmacknass2@netzero.com
Thanks, Greg
I live in the Browning Road area of Evansville. Please advise when/where you guys are meeting.
Stanwal...who are you ..Im in the Vincennes area and tried many times to start an audio club locally.
222b Dale Haven Drive. 494-2403. I am an advanced audiophile but most of my stuff is in storage but still have good system. Come over anytime as I have some interesting things.

Who are you? which of us really know what we are, I went to DHS before I got 4 degrees. Stanley Wallen
I have Spendors,and Gamut L5s. Gamut amp and CJ 350. They messed up my TT when I moved up here but trying to get it fixed,

Now have my good CD set up with a new amp. Still getting my LP12 fixed as the movers pulled the leads out of the arm.
The Gamut is fine and I bought it on a free site. Will post it as soon as I can look it up. My memory has been damaged

I now have a Gamut 200 amp and a Metrum Hex. Sounds very good. I would like to have someone come over.

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Just had a 6 hour brain operation. Used a laser and I was out the next day! 

Yes,doing fine. Just recently got a Metrum Hex and a Cambridge transport. Work fine. Getting ready to sell my CJ 350. Great amp but I am 77 and I can make do with my Gamut 200.Not rich but carful shopper.