Ever sit down to listen and just say wow?

Ever go through a period of extended tweaking of multiple components of your system and get so focused for days, weeks or months on trying to improve different elements of the SOUND that you stop actually hearing the MUSIC.  Then you sit down one day to actually listen for pure enjoyment and say holy crap, whose system is this? I want to listen to ALL MY MUSIC RIGHT NOW.  I am sure this phenomena happens all the time to Agoners, but it's a wonderful thing.
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Many times! It is what makes putting the effort into developing a system worth it. 
I don't listen as much as I used to, but every time I do, I say "damn this thing sounds good."
Recently wrestled with my Green Mountain Audio Continuum I's for a few days. I hadn't pulled them out of the closet for over a year. I couldn't get the center image to pop out of the sound stage. After significant frustration and speaker placement wrangling (they are very heavy speaks), I realized I had ear infection and the speakers weren't nearly far enough apart.. Once I got it dialed I settled in to listen a few tracks before bed and stayed awake until 5:00am being blown away by these 18 year old imaging monsters...
Yes it is! When all the planets align and all is right in the universe, the sound coming from our systems can be a wonderful thing!
Yup. The last time it happened was when I recently had my speaker cables reterminated (on the amp end) from spades to bananas. I thought they had mistakenly sent back the next line up or something since it completely transformed the sound. My system has never sound better.

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