Experience buying from Europe?

I’m looking to buy a European-made turntable. I can save about $1500 if I buy it from a European online retailer. About 33% savings. The sellers I have found are legit authorized dealers of the brand, and have solid history and ratings. The savings includes the shipping cost.

Just wondering from those who have actual experience buying like this. I know the pitfalls might be duty/taxes, shipping damage, and potential warranty/service issues. The unit comes with switchable voltage, no worries there. So, I understand the risks.

My research says there will be no duty, agree? HTS code 8519.30.20.00. I live in a very rural area with no dealer in a huge radius, so it is not an option for me to just go buy one and pick it up. Does anyone know I can get warranty service in the US if it fails under warranty?

Are the savings worth the risks? …. I’m leaning yes.


I purchased a Michell Engineering GyroDec (version with plinth) whilst on vacation in The Netherland several years ago. At the time only the SE version (no plinth) was available in the USA. No issues bringing it back to the States (checked luggage), no duty levied and I managed to buy it VAT free. Converting the power supply from 220V to 120V was easy, simple bit of jumper soldering work. With the fall in the euro verses the dollar, no doubt excellent value for money now. Still works perfectly and looks beautiful.

I have purchased direct from a retailer in England.  Website and back & forth by email gave me a good feeling.  Saved about 20% over local dealer and delivery was perfect.  We're a global community.  I always try to give my money to the businesses in my area, but I won't pay for the privilege.  

I purchased a very large pair of speakers from across the pond at Audio Emotion UK and their service was exemplary. I'd have no problem recommending them purchase or service recommendations.

No problems buying from UK, Italy, and Austria for me. Return shipping might be a drag though.

I've bought a lot.  Good chance when something that expensive goes through customs it will be held up a while and then you'll get a bill for perhaps $30 to $50.  I usually get the bill after I've already gotten the item.  The shipping company pays it for you as a courtesy and bills you, supposedly without markup.