Experience with AES - 25 SuperAmp

Thanks to those responding to related question. Very helpful. Again current system is CJ Premier 3/MV-52 driving Proac 1SCs listening to classical & jazz on a WTTT & WTTA.
Would appreciate feedback on the Cary (AES) AES25 superamp.
Thanks Dave
i just bought a pair of ProAc 1SCs to go along with my AE 25 Superamp DJH two weeks ago. So far I have been extremely pleased. I had initially auditioned the ProAcs with a CJ gear (not entirely sure of the model, I believe MV60 ) at the dealer so I have some point of comparison. To my ears, the superamp is tonally and harmonically richer sounding than the CJ without being overly euphonic. Instrumental timbres are captured beautifully. The CJ seemed to have a wider soundstage and imaging was sharper, however I believe this is more an effect of my poor room acoustics than the amps as the soundstaging is supposedly one of the Superamp's strong suits. I also found the bass to be more articulate and defined with the CJ. I'm hoping this will improve as my speakers break in properly. The folks at Cary and Dennis Had are fantastic people to deal with.

I have had both the AE-25 and MV-52 in my system for a few weeks at a time (the AE-25 in both triode and pentode mode). While using the AE-25 I had on hand the stock tube set as well as Svet KT-88, Svet EL-34, Bugle Boy 6922, and some random old 6CG7. The MV-52 I used had Sylvania big bottle 6CA7 outputs and GE NOS for the rest. I would take the MV-52 over the AE-25 any time. I think the AE-25 is way over rated (or maybe just requires unobtainable NOS outputs to work well). Having said that I currently own a Pass Aleph 3 amp that I choose while auditioning tube amps. For context I will list my system...
B&W Matrix 803sII
Pass Aleph 3
Audio Electronics AE-1 pre (same circuit as Cary SLP-98)
Meridian 506 cd player
Audio Electronics PH-1 phono stage
NAD 533 TT
MIT T2 interconnect
Synergistic Sig.#2 speaker wire

Hope this helps