Experience with Black Cat and/or Triode lab Wires

I am considering Triode Lab Wire or Black Cat. I’m aware of the unfortunate passing of Chris, so I’m willing to buy used or new. My price range is $400 per meter for (rca/rca) interconnect, and $600 for SC’s. The Triode wires are priced in line with my budget, as are the entry level offerings from Black Cat. I have concern that while the Triode cable have a strong following, perhaps they’re geared toward low power amps and high efficiency speakers. Their company is called Triode after all. My system is a Naim XS integrated with phono and Harbeth C7's. I need Interconnects for Well Tempered Simplex 2 (RCA outputs) and then for step up transformer to phono. Also need speaker cables. 



it's been at least 5 or 6 years since I owned the A23's.  I used them for a few years with Harbeth M40.1's and a few tube amps.   While the build quality of the A23's is quite good and they have an artisan like feel and look to them, I was expecting more of an "ah ha" moment with regards to sound quality.   That moment never came... and while the A23's are good, they sounded slightly veiled and less lifelike than Duelund 12 gauge.   The Duelunds just stand out as sounding more natural and lifelike (after a rough break in period in which they sound god-awful).  I've been using the Duelund 12 gauge in both of my systems for 5-6 years and recently added a Duelund RCA IC between my Weiss 202 and amp... and soon will be rewiring the internals of my Altec 19's with Duelund 16 gauge. 

Interesting. I use A23 for speaker wire for my Shindo/Altec Valencia 846A setup. I employ a Werner crossover for the Altecs. The A23 runs from my amps to crossover, and from there I tried both Belden 9497 (orange/black) and the Duelund 16AWG. I recall this shootout many moons ago, and I kept the Duelund in there. The 16 AWG was just more organic and natural sounding, although the halloween colored Belden may have had the edge in the bass. I have been meaning to pick up some of the reasonably priced 12 AWG Duelund to try that in place of the 16AWG. I figure the bass will be better and perhaps no down side. I could always run 16 on the horns and 12 on the bass too. I did not love the Duelund 16 on my Harbeths C7’s...easily preferred the A23 there. Back to our top story. I also have a Duelund 16AWG interconnect, but it is unshielded. I disqualified this for the phono application due to no shielding, but perhaps I should explore Duelund interconnect. If it works, my wallet will thank me twice over.

Tried my unshielded Duelund last night due to the Naim phono being able to handle the 1.0 MV EMT. Not ideal, but plays quite well. The 16AWG Duelund with Switchcraft RCA's is not to be dismissed. It's really quite good. The experience is almost making me want to get a 2.0 MV cart and call it a day. So no step up. 

Very nice. I have the A23 speaker cables. I like mine quite a bit. Keep us posted.