Experience with Cantata

I will be replacing my Wadia 781 soon and am looking at the Resolution Cantata I like the fact it will also function as a volume control. Are their other units out there?
These days there are many digital components that have variable output and they will vary greatly as to quality. Wadia's variable output is very good and if you were happy with that you should be happy with the Cantata's volume control that operates in the analog domain. I have run it directly into both Atma-Sphere and our own Electra-Fidelity amps.

However what I really like about the Cantata is the multiple playback options including the ability to use a computer via the USB input or stream music via UPnP using the Ethernet input. I just moved up from a tricked out MacMini and USB to a NAS/server and Ethernet and have to say this is as good as it gets for me. Just for old times sake you can use the Cantata to play CDs too.

Disclaimer: I represent Atma-Sphere, Electra-Fidelity, and Resolution Audio.