Experience with Modwright products?

Currently, I'm running in a Modwright LS99 preamp and KWA 99 monoblocks.  I have a dealer friend who wants them broken in or me to buy them or both. :)

Other than hearing Modwright products and briefly chatting with Dan at shows (he seems like a wonderful human and humble), I don't have any experience with their products. 

I thought my next move was going to Luxman, Allnic, Audio Research, or even a Japanese tube integrated.  Wow, am I impressed with this package out of the box. The linear Mosfet design with Class A up to whatever it is (say 25 watts) is really appealing to me. I run large horn loudspeakers. Just loving what I hear so far.

I have to imagine the products are built as well as they feel and service and relaibitily are stellar. Resale looks strong too. 

What experiences do our fellow 'Goners have with Modwright?  

Thank you all for your opinions and insight. 



I had his OPPO SONICA DAC tube mod at one time. It was a huge improvement to the DAC in every way. Dan’s tech support and approach to customer service it first rate. I have no experience with his current lineup but based on my experience you couldn’t go wrong. 

I can only speak very highly of Modwright, Kristen and Dan. I had a modified Modwright Oppo 105 player and had some minor software issues and called in to Kristen and she spent over an hour with me on the phone helping to diagnois issue, download some software and install it and waited until I was up and running and listening again.

Would not hesitate to buy anything from them.

Very happy LS36.5 owner - prior a SWL 9.0 SE. Dan is a great guy who I have talked with a few times on the phone and exchanged several emails. Honest man; a liar… No.

I have a Modwright PH 9.0X that I just got back in May of this year. I love it. Checks all the boxes for me without being absurdly expensive. I'm sure the PH 150 top of the line model is probably even better, but I'm not quite at the $10,000 phono stage level of gear myself. 😅

The PH 9.0x is a winner for me though, and beat out others in the general price range that I tried in my system by a pretty wide margin.

Very solid construction and feels pretty high end, despite the more...accessible price point. Ability to experiment with various tube replacements, MC cart compatibility, etc.

I see myself keeping this one for a long time!

I'd love to hear the A30 monoblocks someday (I'm more of a fan of SET amps, myself). I do wish he made some lower power SET amps as well - like 45, 2a3, 300b, for example.

A disaster. Guy is a charlatan.

Read my explanation of a simple transaction with him. He’s an abusive liar.

Case Link.

Let me get this straight... you buy a player without ever listening it and have it sent directly to a company whose business is modifying players.  They modify said player.  You then send it to a competitor who does who knows what to it and tells you that it's "bad".  You contact Dan and he offers to send you a replacement for the stock unit that you sent to him.  And Dan is the charlatan?