Experience with Zesto Andros Allasso SUT?

I've been reading a few solid reviews (links below) of this SUT but I have not seen anyone post his/her impressions on this forum.  Is anyone here using it and, if so, what are your impressions?


I have it and I love.  It's a great unit backed by a terrific company. 

I bought mine 2nd hand and had a hum issue so I called them.  I spoke directly to owner/designer George Counnas who talked me through it.  Turns out I had the unit to close to a power amp's transformer.  What a great guy George is.  I'm happy for their success and look forward to meeting him personally at a show.
Nice to hear some feedback from someone!  I was starting to think no one actually owned one.  Thanks.

@three_easy_payments   I found your thread about the Zestro Andros Allosso.  I am very interested in getting one for my system and would like to know if you did acquired one and by now what your evaluation is of its sound quality and how it added to your system. 

Thank you very much. 

@mammothguy54  I did acquire the SUT shortly after my 2019 post.  It was highly adjustable and worked well with a wide variety of carts.  I ended up selling it earlier this however as I tried an EMT cart paired with an A23 SUT configured for EMT and fell in love with the perfectly designed synergy.

@three_easy_payments   Thank you for the prompt reply.  That's a very good answer.  I have several cartridges and will likely add another one or two.  The Allasso provides plenty of load and gain matching options that should satisfy my needs.  How did you find the sound quality of the Allasso with the variety of cartridges you mentioned above?  If not going with a specific SUT/cartridge combination would you still be running with the Allasso?  Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my questions.