Experienced Running Springs Audio Superb Service?

I am writing this thread to give recognition and accolades to the service department at API Technologies/Spectrum Power, the parent company of Running Springs Audio. The level of communication and support I received is like none I have ever had from any company. I recently had an AC duplex on my Running Springs Audio Dimitri act up; there seemed to be a loose wire affecting the electrical connection of that duplex. I emailed the support address before retiring to sleep one night and by morning, had an email back from the customer support center with a phone and Return Authorization number. I sent the unit back and upon receipt was contacted it was received. Turn around was about 7 days from receipt and I was kept in the loop each step of the way. The unit is on the way back as I write. I am very impressed with the Running Springs Audio line of Power Conditioners; they are the best I have heard in my system and I can't recommend them enough. After this very positive and professional experience fixing a minor issue, I am even more confident Running Springs Audio and the parent company, API Technologies/Spectrum Power, stand behind their products.
As a happy owner of a Dmitri, it's good to know that good service is available should I need it. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Very nice looking system by the way, congrats!