Experiences with Ghent Audio ICEpower AS series amps?

I thought I would find several hits searching for Ghent amps featuring the AS series from ICEpower, but to my surprise there weren't much - a couple hits from 2017, and I'm not even sure if the AS series was available then.

Has anybody tried these? How do they compared to other amps you had/tried?

FWIW, I have tubes and also Hypex UcD400 DIY amps, and was considering NCores but found some discussion comparing them and referring to the ICEpower AS as less dry.

Thank you!
I have had very positive experience from Ghent buying their CASES, but used my own ICEpower 250 ASP amps.

In terms of sound quality, there was nothing to call them Class D. If anything they sound a little too warm.  They sounded exactly like my Parasound A23s with my Focal and my custom speakers, so I sold the Parasound and kept the ICEpower.

I did end up eventually relegating those to HT and bought a Luxman because I thought it sounded better than the Parasound and ICEpower.

In other words, I think they are fine amps, but like any amp, you can always find something different and perhaps better.

Absolutely no reason to stay away from them, especially if the price is right.
Thanks for the input. Interesting that there aren't further comments regarding ICEpower AS series. Did you happen to hear NCores?
I've not heard the nCores, but didn't Bruno move onto start Purifi ??? Certainly very good values. :)
I believe Bruno was a co-founder of Purifi, but not sure he left Hypex.
Anyway, Purifi modules seem to be unobtanium now, and from reading around it seems ICEpower AS seems to be better sounding than NCores, especially the 1200AS module. The 700AS and 1200AS have the ICEpower chipset, which Rouge Audio told me was the big deal.
Tempted to try, even if 700W is way more than I need. I wished their smaller modules had the ICEedge chipset.
I have no idea if ICE sounds better. I’ve heard both Ncore and purifi amps but not the ICE amps. Side by side I would never be able to tell which was which they are both very clear neutral amps. Purifi amps are not unobtainable. 
Sorry I see you were looking for the module to build your own. Has purifi audio quit shipping? I think purifi is going to be coming out with a more powerful one later this year? Just rumors I read on the net so it must be true 🙄