Exposure Super XV 15

I recently came into possession of an Exposure Super XV integrated amp. I couldn't find much about this amp on the web, though I know that it was relatively expensive and supposedly good when my father bought it back in the late 90s.

My current system is as follows:
- NAD 320BEE integrated amp
- Arcam CD73 cdplayer
- Wharfedale Pacific Evo 8 bookshelf speakers.

I'm wondering if (1) anyone knows anything about this Exposure integrated amp and (2) if this would be a good upgrade from my NAD (which I have been looking to replace)?

Thanks for the help!
I'm not familiar with that model, but I had an Exposure preamp a few years ago and for the money it was great (I had to spend 2x to get a marginal improvement/upgrade). My expectaion is it would be a cut above the NAD. Exposure has a solid reputation, and IMO somewhat of a cult following similar to NAIM. Check out the company website. They use to have a forum there that had active owner participation. You may find info about your model there.
fyi, i think the XV cost around $1500 new. they are still sought after in the used market, in case you don't like it.

i've have a bunch of different exposure amps, including the XV (not the super version), and prefer them to anything i've hear at their respective price points. the sound is a bit like naim, but with more tonal color, a bit more weight. the XV also comes with a very good phono board, if that's of any use to you.

i think it would be a definite upgrade to a NAD, but i'm not familiar with you cd or speakers. since you have it, give it try and let us know.

is there anything specific you wanted to know?