Extremely impressed with SET/Voxativ Combo.....Challanging 20 years of happy listening.

I just wanted to share my recent experience with AudioNote Kits Parallel Single ended Interstage Monoblocks (prebuilt) with Voxativ Zeth loudspeakers. I’ve been listening with much pleasure to higher level VAC tube electronics with KEF Reference loudspeakers for many years....without any desire for change, just upgrades to newer VAC and KEF gear.. As I retired I decided to try the ANK Interstage Monoblocks (20 Wpc) and a pair of Voxativ Zeth loudspeakers. I now have both systems in he same room, both fed by my VAC Preamplifier via dual balanced outputs. I must say that although I still love my VAC/KEF system, the ANK/Voxativ system is more articulate and satisfying, with vocals, jazz and instrumentals, even on orchestral music at reasonable levels. Yes, there is the missing lower bass octave but the clarity and organic realism of the SET and single driver loudspeakers are most compelling. I plan on keeping my VAC/KEF system as it can really please, and rock! I have been a VAC convert for some 20 years and remain so.
However, going forward I see myself listening more to my low power system. Yes, age has me listening more to vocals and jazz which may account somewhat. Just cared to share. Happy listening to all!
Congratulations normie57 way to keep your ears and mind open and try something new! There is certainly something special to low powered tube amps and single driver and horn speakers to be sure. And I am a big fan of Audionote myself I have one of their Dacs and a pair of AN/Jlx speakers on the way.  Enjoy your two systems and happy listening!
normie57, Congratulations! You are experiencing some of the wonderful aspects of audiophilia that comes with experiencing a variety of systems. 

To me the variety of sound with different systems is one of the most gratifying aspects of the hobby. I am endlessly fascinated by the different, even radically different, presentations of audio systems. This is as gratifying to me as putting on a new piece of music. 

You may have yet another level of fascination available to you; some of your components and cables may be swappable between systems. Do some exploring - you will be amazed once again at what will result! It is quite possible that with some swapping you can find a better sound for both systems, and feel like you have hit the jackpot - twice!  :) 

Thanks for your kind words and suggestions douglas_schroeder & jond. I spent over a decade trying new gear and tweaking and I was actually relieved to settle into my favorite VAC/KEF system long term.  I recently decided to try an optimized low power system with high sensitivity loudspeakers and am very pleased indeed. As I now prefer jazz and vocals my Audio Note/Voxativ system will be my primary go to system. I feel most fortunate to have two wonderful and radically different amplifiers and loudspeakers to drive with my VAC preamp and front end. Thanks again!