F117 Nighthawk or Dynavector P75?

Has anyone compared these? Or just looking for opinions on either. My cart is a Dynavector DV20XL2 so the P75 should be a contender but the Nighthawk looks very promising. I'm trying to avoid a bright or sterile sound
I had a Nighthawk that I used with a DV20XL. I don't recall the sound being bright or sterile at all. It was a good combo for the price. I've never heard the P75, but would assume it's a good mate as well.
I've got a P75 Mk ii that I'm using with my DV20X2L. Before that I had a PS Audio GCPH. The P75 I find is a very good match for the DV20X2L. To me the sound is not bright or harsh. I've read reviews that say it can sound "thin," but fortunately I have not noticed this yet. But I try to apply smoothness through the use of all PCOCC interconnects, and my amp is a Yamaha A-S2000, which naturally sounds a bit smooth.