Fantastic German made Music Server for my Car

I was shocked the other day to find that my car has a music server as part of the audio system. Who knew? I was clearly clueless. I'm sure a lot of new cars have this feature but I accidentily discovered it the other day when I put in an Andrea Bocelli cd for my mother-in-law (it was going to be a long drive with the family) and there was a message "do you want to record cd". Of course I said yes and I have to admit it's very cool, convenient and sounds pretty damn good. I have loaded the hard drive up with lots of varied and fun music for long drives.

Wait, we have not heard from the copyright lawyers. Seems you must erase the contents of the server when you sell the car or the copyright police will be at your door.
Most likely it is a China made music server in your German car. Enjoy anyway.
I think these are becoming a bit more common now in cars. My wife's Yukon has it, as did her previous 2 vehicles (Jeep Grand Cherokee and Cadillac CTS).
Interesting, but seems more complicated and less practical than just having (a) an iPod interface, and/or (b) a USB port that accepts flash drives filled with music.
Volkswagen has in some systems with navigation the ability to download up to 18 GB of music to the HD. Most of the entertainment systems have Bluetooth connectivity to stream music from an iPhone, MDI interface to directly connect an iPhone or iPod and SD card slots in addition to conventional CD players.
The one in my car is named Hans and all he sings is: In Munchen steht ein Hofbrauhaus, eins, zwei, g'suffa!

It wears on me after a while.

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