Favorite MP3 Player if you happen to use them

Due to the inevitability of avoiding the usage of MP3 format, especially in informal listening circumstances, as in travel, long distance commutting etc.... I wonder what MP3 player goners have chosen as their player of choice.
Explain the 2-3 reasons why it or they were chosen for the task.
The Apple iPods are hard to beat. While they are the most expensive, they actually sound pretty good. I will even run mine into my SLI-80 directly and just let it run on weekends in Random mode. Now the Mini iPod at the $250.00 pricepoint is a no brainer. 1000 songs with apple quality and sound.

2-3 Reasons?

iTunes interface works great and is easy to use.
The controls on the iPod are fun and easy to navigate
It sounds better than you would think!

Good Luck!

Ipod..one of the coolest products ever...to hold one is to want one. But remember you don't have yto use lossy formats with the Ipod..AIFF or WAV files can be used at the expense of storage and battery space.

I'm partial to the NOMAD ZEN.

Have had mine for close to a year and it is wonderful. I get a full 14 hours on one charge. Much better than the IPOD.

You can now get a models at 10, 20, 30 and 40 GB. Mine is the 20GB model and has more than enough space. I travel to Europe quite often and the sound quality on planes and trains is every bit as good as my portable CD player - maybe even better. I splurged for the Etymotic series 6 ear buds and they work wonders.


I also recommend the Ipod. It is the most user friendly of all the MP3 players I have tried. My brother just got a mini-ipod and it is great!