Favorite Pianists

I've recently become obsessed with great piano music. Not necessarily classical, just great. Like the thread I started regarding acoustic guitar, this follows the same lines. Who is your favorite? It doesn't have to be based on the ability to play fast or on the technical ability side of it. It just needs to be moving. Needs to be able to pull you in and tell a story of your past. I guess the best term to describe this is simply beautiful music.

As of right now, Ludovico Einaudi is my absolute favorite. I've listened to quite a bit of this genre lately and George Winston, Peter Kater and Kevin Kern all get high marks from me. But none of them move me like Ludovico Einaudi.

If you have an absolute favorite, just one that hits you like no other, post it. If you have several, list them.

Anyone heard any recent releases from Keith Emerson? Any good?

I have not kept up with him since his ELP days.
manny perahia and marc hamelin.i have many cd's of each of them,and not one a dud.

Agree on Martha Argerich- How could I have forgotten to mention her? She is so very good with so much music, but she really rises to the top as a pianist for chamber music.