Favorite ProAc Tablette and speaker stand?

I'm relocating the audio system to an 8' X 14' room with a french door size opening to the next room. I'd like to revisit ProAc as I really liked my Response 2 speakers from the 90s.

I'm thinking about Tablettes, and I plan to use Tube Audio Lab's WE91A (300B) monos. I had used the Cary 300B monos with the R2s, and it was a great sound.

Any thoughts on your favorite Tablette, or should I look to reconnect with a gently used pair of R2s? Thanks for your input!
I'm familiar with both of them, and although the Tablette is a great little monitor, I think you will be disappointed by the loss of bass extension relative to the Response 2.
Thanks for the feedback Roxy. I was hoping I could get a "newer" model of Tablette that would match the greatness of the 2 - may not be possible... Trying to find nice condition R2 sets is getting harder. They either need a refoam or probably will shortly. Not sure how hard that would be to get it done.
personally I would go with the Response 1sc ... FANTASTIC with a 300B amp inspite of the specs
Don't let that discourage you. I know that they can be refoamed, not from personal experience, but from ads where the seller states that they have been refoamed. You could do a search on refoaming and call a few places. I'm sure you'll find more than one.
Good Luck.
Hi Jrink,

Have you had a chance to hear other small Proacs in relation to the 1SC, and if so, what differences did you hear?


I did listen to the Tablette 50 vs the 1sc on a Cary 300SEi ... much preferred the tonal balance of the 1sc with the Cary ... the 50's seemed more tilted to the treble side of the equation and the midrange was smoother with the 1sc ... 1sc's also hold their value tremendously well on the used market. in a small room with a 300B amp they are magical (IMHO)