Qobuz dropping rights to my favorites. A pox on their house (resubmit)

So, I favorite something on Qobuz, come back a few months later and SHAZAM. "The rights holders have not made this content available to listen." This seems to be a growing problem for me and I doubt I’m the only one. WTF?? To add insult to injury, I take a look at Amazon (to which I do not subscribe) and there it is.

Qobuz is the only paid service I use. Tidal has too much overlap to be worth it and I find MQA dubious anyway. Amazon’s march towards world domination is troubling and I just plain don’t like Apple stuff. But my partner uses AppleMusic (I think) and reports similar annoyances.

This leaves me both perplexed and annoyed. I’ve been slowly culling my CDs, LPs and server library with the assumption that streaming service libraries would grow, not shrink. That’s also in keeping with reminding myself to release my attachments to mere things. I’m coming to feel that this may be a grave error. In the realm of music what we don’t physically possess, be it CD, an LP, BR disk or a data file, we never really possessed at all, outside of our souls. But I’m not content to live off memories of how much I once enjoyed hearing something. I might want to hear it again! So, as far as web/streaming content goes I’m moving back to downloading stuff so it can’t be arbitrarily taken away.

Anybody else mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore? Bah, humbug!

And Happy New Year.


Quboz and the other streaming services give you access on the relative cheap to an extremely large catalogue of titles , they don’t state anywhere that they guarantee what titles are going to be in their respective library, or for how long. They do give you the option to download and purchase if you want to keep certain music. Maybe in the case of the titles you are annoyed about the artist(s) no longer accepted what Quboz wanted to pay them; and they aren't gonna take it anymore. . Guess you may need to either pony up for downloads, or just deal with what is available

I've been assimilated and have dropped Qobuz and joined the Borgazon.  The lack of titles I listen to couldn't be justified by the better sound quality.  I'm hoping for continued improvement in the Amazon API so it becomes more available on more platforms .  I suspect the sound quality difference is in the app and Amazon chose compatibility over absolute sound quality.  

I've had 3 or 4 albums and a few songs disappear.  I haven't figured it out.  I stream through roon so the message I get is "this track is not availalble from Qobuz" or something like that.  It seems wierd. 

One that I do miss is Gene Ammons The Jughead.  but most if not all other Ammons albums are still there.


I've noticed titles which drop off usually later reappear.  I can think of some of Nick Cave's albums as recent examples of this.

It's a pain, I admit, especially when the favourite status is not restored.

I've seen the same thing.  Often I can search immediately and find the replacement - searching the track title seems to work better.

I've had a handful of titles disappear some return some don't. Doesn't bother me either way. I do both Qobuz and Amazon but listening is 90% Qobuz.

If I like a track, I buy the .flac file, usually from PrestoMusic.com. Occasionally, only a CD is available; I usually don't want all the tracks, so it is a rare occasion when I buy the CD.


The joys of renting….


“ I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better,"

- Danish MP Ida Auken 

Don't expect these people to be any more then sunny day scammers. The reason they can provide content cheaply to you is they don't pay the artists/owners or they have force them into deals where they pay them 0.001c per play/download.

So you leave Qobuz and joint Burgozon.  They're all just the same.

Get real.  Stay with legal purchases.  Why do you think you can have something for nothing?

If you're that stupid then go buy bitcoin and stop troubling us here.

Danish MP Ida Auken is extremely stupid.  With no privacy she has nothing unless she has become an online prost*****

So funny, some believe streaming charges excessively, and having to put up with deleted music makes it total ripoff. Others state doesn't charge near enough, rips off artists. Which is it, are the consumers ripped off or is it the artists.


If anyone is getting ripped off here its the artists. We pay an amazing piddling amount of money for these music services, to claim something like $9-$40, perhaps $50 per month, depending on services and number of them subscribed to, for these absolutely huge libraries of music is excessive is total rubbish! I've lived through vinyl and cd eras, have tons of both, I'll likely have spent more on these two physical media than a remaining lifetime of renting music via streaming, and this collection of over 3500 vinyl, same amount of cd's is probably 1% of the total content of streaming services. And I'm going to bitch about losing a few albums and cuts here and there! Cost benefit analysis really off here!