Favorite religious song

Tons of choices; reggae, bluegrass, classical, country, hymns. 

Not so much jazz...though I do love Pete Fountain's " A Closer Walk With Thee"

My choice is sorta religious. "Mercy" Mary Gauthier.


@larsman It's a good bet you've listened to plenty of religious music and just not realized the religious connotations. Which I pretty much ignore being secular but still love the music.

@jond - You are right - I am a JGB fan too, and went to loads of their shows here in San Francisco, and Jerry always liked to do the occasional soulful or spiritual number; he played 'My Brothers and Sisters' at every show during the late 80's and 90's, I think. I did realize the religious connotations, of course, just didn't pay that part no nevermind! And of course there were also a lot of soul/r&b songs with some religious stuff in 'em. 

Probably my most favorite and cannot deny the voice and feeling this song will give you after listening to it on 10!


Second favorite at the moment due to its smoothness and feeling of goodness. Listen to this track!





My favorites Religious albums are:

Grace by BYU vocal point

Prayers and Praises by Brethren

Grateful Praise by Eclipse 6