FavoriteSpeaker Cables for Bryston/Proac

I have about $500 to spend on cables (new or used). I don't have the time/energy to try the many fine cables out there. Does anyone have experience with Proac R2.5's and fast, neutral, solid state amps like the Bryston ST series?
hi there i have the 3.8 with a tube amp so i donno if that will help you but with the cardas golden cross all the audiophile that come to my house have something to trade...LOL I think ill keep the combo good luck wth your search
I used to own Audioquest Dragon ($4700) and replaced with a pair of solid silver conductors with 95% air dielectric. The cost for a 10ft pair was $449, and is superior to the Dragon. The only caveat is that they are somewhat fragile due to the dielectric, but that is also why they sound so good. The name of the cable is Air Research, and you can inquire about them at www.ultrafi.com, email is ultrafi@axisnet.net. Ask for Dave. Tell him Jerry Slavata referred you. He has demo pairs that you could audition before deciding.