Fedex and Ups Damage thread

Just for giggles Wondering if your like to share your Damages from shipping.

Let me start thinks off.

Krell ksa-2 amp.  Knocked out of square   in for factory overhaul

Canary  ca-... Monos     Slammed, bent  back panel binding posts

Vac  140 monos   Completely destroyed 1 amp Lost the other...

Rogue 120 mons  Slammed back panel.

Jbl L300  Slammed broke out front baffle




My latest purchase was a new RPM5 TT that arrived from the dealer with a tonearm damaged beyond repair, according to Pro-Ject. Dealer says they are sending new tonearm but can’t give a timeline or get the name of the manufacturer right. In every correspondence with me, they refer to Rega as the manufacturer of the TT and that they are relating messages from Rega about my Rega RPM5 Carbon. 

If you want a pair of speakers or a component to arrive safely and in one piece, I recommend using a freight company. They seem to get it right every time, and when an item is palletized, it just isn't possible to throw it around and abuse it.

Never had a damaged UPS item, a couple of FedEx ones I was on the receiving end of.