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Exactly how does CD ripping work?
Trackers. Dude is being tracked by the funky bunch.   
What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
Have you listened to the speakers yourself?   
When a budget speaker is preferred to a high end one...
@fsconicsmith Reality is subjective. Your truth is shaped by your ability to process what is.   
When a budget speaker is preferred to a high end one...
Considering the inordinate amount of garbage stockpiled into a Harbeth bookshelf speaker (like there was a contest to see which network could be the most complicated piece of junk anyone could produce on design day), it is not at all surprising to... 
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
Infinity Modulus 90 Sub/Sat system. 1992. Followed closely by B&O Beolab 8000 as my theater fronts.Fosgate Model 3 processor. 3 Adcom 545 Mark II amps ordered in all white to match the white high gloss backside of the B&O TV built with lar... 
Audio stops pain
Music heals. Distortion steals.  Is this fiddle out of tune?     
Just got a new Bluesound Node. Very disappointed!
A lot of audiophiles buy and then sell these Node products because they don’t like the sound quality even after upgrading the DAC. Just a fact. Don’t shoot the messenger.   
How Audiphiles are Different
Musicians are trained to hear intervals, chords, arpeggios, BPM, the 16 known basic rhythms and their variations, intonation, pitch, technique and position. There may be other things to learn such as stage moves (taught as a serious elective at Mu... 
E-bay and its sellers
Sorry that happened to you. Must have been a shock to the system trying to digest the seller’s unjust reactions. Was it a McIntosh wheeler dealer, lol?   
cheapest cable upgrade ever
How about a photo?   
Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet
Mike is a walking, talking anthropomorphic inappropriate joke, just waiting for a chance to embarrass itself whenever he meets or interacts with an actual (and unsuspecting) human being. Its self appointed position as the coolest and funniest joke... 
Is There A Device For Home Use That Can Measure How Low The Bass In My Speakers Is?
B weighted is the method used in stereophile in my experience reading the magazine. A weighted is used at times as well. But this is all nonsense. Mentioning it is nothing more than adding your own attaboy. SPL  and spectrum analyzers made for aud... 
Is There A Device For Home Use That Can Measure How Low The Bass In My Speakers Is?
OP wants HZ but gets SPL (“I didn’t order umm”) suggestions as though he were the brain dead one. LOL.  OP, there are free versions of tone generators, SPL meters and spectrum analyzers available in the Apple App Store or Google Apps. HSU Resear... 
Is this a scam?
Playing you for a fool. The only thing you can do, is nothing. If you respond to a single inquiry, you’ll play into his hand. This will all go away on its own. When the illegal funds are found, they will disappear from your bank account. If you se... 
Looking for a TX-RZ50? For $1,399 and in stock?
Gone now. 1 still available but at an inflated price.