Feedback on "Boltz" CD racks

I'm looking to purchase a new CD rack for my ever-growing collection. The Boltz brand racks look like a good deal. Does anybody who owns one have any feedback as to it's build quality, stability, etc? Also, I saw they are sold factory direct. Are there any dealers who discount them? Thanks.
I purchase a Boltz cd rack (600 cd model) several months ago and have been incredibly satified with the purchase. The build quality is excellent and I get more comments on my cd rack than my Mark Levinson amplifier. Great product...great value! Highly recommended...
Mouse, I don't know of anyone discounting them. On the other hand, I am using one and it's really good. I'll probably get another couple. (they're expandable) Overall, if you like the style, there's nothing else I can see that should give one pause to buy. Good value.
I bought one of the smaller CD/DVD racks and absolutely love it. I thought they were inexpensive at their current price so I didn't search for a "discount". The style and looks are not for everyone though. If your tastes run toward rustic/country style funiture this may not be for you.
If you're not set on Boltz look, I'd suggest checking out Tree Designs (, no affiliation). One of their solid oak 1000-disc units is $350, including shipping east of the Mississippi. By comparison, the Boltz CD-1200 is $398 w/o shipping. I'have a 250 disc Tree Designs rack in black and it's very solid. I'll eventually replace it with a larger one.
you might also want to look at billy baggs racks. i have 2 pro-1000's. they are very robust and quite handsome, IMO.