Feickert Adjust+ Tool

Reading the latest Stereophile MF mentions a new Arm Cartridge setup alignment tool called Adjust+. From what i have read it may be worth the cash for very accurate adjustments which should translate to better sound. MF also mentions a similar tool made by L'Art du Son has any of you used either of these interesting new Analog tools?

The DMM I bought at Radio Shack happens to have a laptop connection with software included. Would this eliminate the need for the filter? How would I make/find a 1 Khz fiter?
Sonofjim, if your laptop has a microphone input you could just directly connect your phono stage to your laptop.

How familiar are you with using spectrum analyzer? You can use a spectrum analyzer program (like iSpectrum for the Mac) to look at the frequency components of the signal fed into the Mic input. Most spectrum analyzers programs allow you to put a cursor on a frequency peak and display the strength of the signal (in dB). This is a nice way of directly measuring the crosstalk strength from a left channel signal into the right channel and vice versa.

Adjust+ does something similar. It looks at the phase of the crosstalk signal instead - I am right now trying to figure out whether this isn't just possible with the same standard spectrum analyzer. More later...
Let us know what you figure out. I'm not real computer savy but I would like to try to learn to do this if it works well. It sounds like a promising idea. Maybe adjust + works on the same priciple with a more convenient user interface?
All some good posts on Adjust+ and cartridge setup. Hopefully we will get a owner user to really fill us in. It seems to me that like other analog setup tools a group of vinylphiles would ease the cost and made use easy with more minds in the mix.
Hi @all,

just to attract your attention I want to let you know that Noel Keywood of Hi-Fi World/UK released a review on our software. The link can be found on our Adjust+ - homepage.