Feickert Adjust+ Tool

Reading the latest Stereophile MF mentions a new Arm Cartridge setup alignment tool called Adjust+. From what i have read it may be worth the cash for very accurate adjustments which should translate to better sound. MF also mentions a similar tool made by L'Art du Son has any of you used either of these interesting new Analog tools?
I find this tool very interesting myself. I had a post of my own asking about it a few weeks ago but there seemed to be little interest at that time. It appeals to my neurotic audiophile side which always wonders if my setup is optimal. Azimuth I find especially challenging. I use the VPI "rod" method currently but others swear by electronic setting with a DMM. I have tried the DMM and find it to be an estimate at best(in my hands anyway)due to the bounce in the reading at the smaller crosstalk voltages. I have wondered if this adjust + may be a more precise way once you figure it out(which seems complicated at first glance) Usually, after thinking about all this for a while, my more laid back side decides to set it as close as I can by eye and just enjoy some music. Anyway, if anyone gets some hands on with this tool please post your findings.
The software does seem interesting, but I am not sure what it offers beyond a standard spectrum analyzer run on a laptop. I guess, part is the excellent test record. The discussion above is great since it may actually give some more insight into this.

A comment on the DMM method: It doesn't work well unless you use a 1KHz bandbass filter for your 1KHz signal (assuming a 1KHz test track). There is too much noise in the background and the DMM integrates the noise over all frequencies. A much better way it to use a Laptop with a spectrum analyzer which allows to detect the 1KHz crosstalk signal directly .

The DMM I bought at Radio Shack happens to have a laptop connection with software included. Would this eliminate the need for the filter? How would I make/find a 1 Khz fiter?
Sonofjim, if your laptop has a microphone input you could just directly connect your phono stage to your laptop.

How familiar are you with using spectrum analyzer? You can use a spectrum analyzer program (like iSpectrum for the Mac) to look at the frequency components of the signal fed into the Mic input. Most spectrum analyzers programs allow you to put a cursor on a frequency peak and display the strength of the signal (in dB). This is a nice way of directly measuring the crosstalk strength from a left channel signal into the right channel and vice versa.

Adjust+ does something similar. It looks at the phase of the crosstalk signal instead - I am right now trying to figure out whether this isn't just possible with the same standard spectrum analyzer. More later...
Let us know what you figure out. I'm not real computer savy but I would like to try to learn to do this if it works well. It sounds like a promising idea. Maybe adjust + works on the same priciple with a more convenient user interface?
All some good posts on Adjust+ and cartridge setup. Hopefully we will get a owner user to really fill us in. It seems to me that like other analog setup tools a group of vinylphiles would ease the cost and made use easy with more minds in the mix.
Hi @all,

just to attract your attention I want to let you know that Noel Keywood of Hi-Fi World/UK released a review on our software. The link can be found on our Adjust+ - homepage.


Hi All, this thread is a few months old and since then, M. Fremer has reviewed the software in the October issue of Stereophile (with its challenges, poor translation and all) with positive results. I have read in Stereophile most recent issue (Jan 09) that Dr. Feickert was also at RMAF demonstrating this new device in seminars.

Has anyone actually purchased and use Adjust+ since this thread was posted?
Is it easy to use (plug and play) and does it come with all the hardware (cable, test record etc...) or do you have to purchase those "other items" separately?
Any dealers in North America?
I live in Canada.
To my knowledge the product must be purchased through the website at this time. The Pro version is due to arrive here any day. Chris Feickert gave me a personal introduction to the software at RMAF.

By the time Fremer's review arrived in the mail, the translated manual had been rewritten.

Hello Smoffatt,

I purchased the Adjust+ software back in November, 2008, but didn't install it until a few days ago.

The software itself is extremely intuitive and easy to use. I think Michael Fremer's review of the software is very successful at describing what Adjust+ does, so maybe I find it easy to use because I was already familiar with its features and how to use it more or less.

There is certain computer and software requirement as with most software packages, so it could be plug-and-play based on computer/software configuration.

I'm using it on a MacBook Pro running XP on Parallels Desktop and Adjust+ works just find indeed. I purchased the Creative Soundblaster 5.1 Surround external USB soundcard along with the software, as well as the loopback cable for the calibration.

The software is as simple to use as a utility software. The only measurements I've cared about so far are azimuth and speed. The process for both measurements could not be more straightforward to me. So far, I'm very satisfied with what the software does and how it works. I was very happy to find out that my Dynavector XV1s cartridge just needs 0.2 degrees of tilt for correct azimuth.

There is no way to go back to traditional analogue methods for setting up azimuth and speed. The future of analogue is here today!



That is correct. The future of analog playback is digital setup. Finally digital being put to good use!