Feickert PlatterSpeed app

Hello All,

Just finished doing some work/maintenance on one of my turntables and decided to check its speed with the Feickert PlatterSpeed app on my iPhone.  Nope.  Turns out that the app will not work with iOS 11 and, apparently, there are no plans for updating it to do so.  I really liked the fact that it measured speed using a 3150 Hz tone from a test record (the frequency traditionally used for wow and flutter measurements) and gave a graphical representation of the variance around the tone as well as calculating percent variance and wow and flutter. Can anyone recommend a replacement app for PlatterSpeed, preferably one that measures speed and variance using a test record?  Thanks in advance.

Why not buy an old used iPod or iPad - you can pick one up for not much, and then dedicate this to hifi uses. I have my old iPad 2 set up this way using platter speed and the Synergistic Atmosphre app 
folkfreak - you are a certifiable genius!  I just loaded the app on an old iPad I use in a bedroom system for running the BlueSound app.  Thanks for the suggestion!