Fidelity Research FR64S Interconnect Replacement

Is it difficult to replace the interconnect on an FR64S? The one on my unit extends only 4" out of the base. It's difficult to access to attach another interconnect to get to the preamp. I can't find photos on what the disassembly steps look like. I also don't want to mess up the tonearm that's otherwise in mint condition.


Just get a pair of RCA male-to-male connectors (or female-to-male). Add your favorite meter or less pair of RCA cables. Don't waste money on a rewire job - ain't worth it!

BTW, I own two FR arms - a 29 and a 54. I use the bog-standard DIN cables marked "FR" that came with them.

Don't waste money on a rewire job - ain't worth it!

That's not been my experience.  After at least (6) different arm rewires, I'm pretty sure it's one of the most cost effective upgrades you can do...but, that's just me.

@mofimadness : thanks for the suggestion. I reached out to Michael at britaudio. He does not handle FR64S tonearms. So, I think I'll do the workaround like @jasonbourne71 mentioned (I had already planned this option) and just build an extension cable from the too-short interconnect. Not ideal, but it will hopefully suffice.

@ace56...Sorry!  I thought he worked on almost any/all tonearms.  Thanks for the update and good luck on your endeavor!