Figure 8 ('Infinity') Power cord

My Emotiva TA100 integrated came with an 18 gauge detachable power cord. The connector is the so-called figure 8, nit IEC. Is there any point to upgrading? Unable to find larger gauge, nmch less better wire.


You should be able to find at least 14 awg.  The proper name for that connector escapes me but find the proper name and that will help your search. 


Check the “Interpower” web site. Good chance you can configure and source what you need there.

C7 Cullen is 12awg, very good and affordable. Also Wireworld makes a great C7.

Nordost Purple Flare is a dedicated C7 (figure 8) and it's very good. Nordost Heimdall 2 is also C7 and even better, but it's a 3 core power cable from the normal range, and its ground wire is just connected at the AC connector end only.

Audioquest also do a great solid core C7, called the NRG1.5 or something like that.