Finally added Accuphase to my collection

 Found a superb deal on a new Accuphase 380 to add to my collection of amps. I have four that I rotate from time to time. I have heard so many good things about Accuphase and its sound, I have been curious to hear for myself. I must say it is an awesome integrated and I can only imagine what the higher up models sound like. I have a Pass 250, Macintosh 352( just because I always wanted to own this brand}, Hegal 390 and now this Accuphase. The most outstanding trait of this amp is the tone. Everything just sound so perfect. Build quality is just and attention to deal is beyond reproach. This Accuphase is one smooth puppy and just utterly neutral with very good weight. Anyone on the fence considering the purchase of an Accuphase, don’t give it a second thought. Even though this is an outstanding sounding amp, dont think I would pay US retail for it.  


congrats - enjoy!

accuphase is very smooth very musical utterly refined, and of course, built to last

criticisms of accuphase, if any, are that the bass doesn’t hit hard/deep enough, the sound can be somewhat midrange centric, highs maybe a little too silky ...

as usual, system synergy rules the day...

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Nice score! I love my Accuphase reference CD player. I can only imagine the presentation and sound of an Integrated.


Happy Listening!

@dwest1023  How did the Accuphase 380 compare to the Int 250?

I have heard the E800 against the Int 250.