Finally added Accuphase to my collection

 Found a superb deal on a new Accuphase 380 to add to my collection of amps. I have four that I rotate from time to time. I have heard so many good things about Accuphase and its sound, I have been curious to hear for myself. I must say it is an awesome integrated and I can only imagine what the higher up models sound like. I have a Pass 250, Macintosh 352( just because I always wanted to own this brand}, Hegal 390 and now this Accuphase. The most outstanding trait of this amp is the tone. Everything just sound so perfect. Build quality is just and attention to deal is beyond reproach. This Accuphase is one smooth puppy and just utterly neutral with very good weight. Anyone on the fence considering the purchase of an Accuphase, don’t give it a second thought. Even though this is an outstanding sounding amp, dont think I would pay US retail for it.  


congrats - enjoy!

accuphase is very smooth very musical utterly refined, and of course, built to last

criticisms of accuphase, if any, are that the bass doesn’t hit hard/deep enough, the sound can be somewhat midrange centric, highs maybe a little too silky ...

as usual, system synergy rules the day...

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Nice score! I love my Accuphase reference CD player. I can only imagine the presentation and sound of an Integrated.


Happy Listening!

@dwest1023  How did the Accuphase 380 compare to the Int 250?

I have heard the E800 against the Int 250.

Congrats!! I have the Luxman 505uxii and it's super smooth as well. From your description, they sound very similar. Have you heard Luxman before? If you did, how would you compare them? 

Swede, it has been awhile since I have listen to my Pass. I have purchased my other 3 amps this year, so I have been putting time on them. Once I am done listening to my Accuphase, my Pass is next up in my rotation. From memory the Pass sound bigger compared to the 380. Soundstage is wider on the Pass, but the 380 seems to be more detailed. I hear things in songs I know well, I have never heard before, The Pass is on the slightly warm side, and the 380 is utterly neural. Bass is more powerful and deeper on the Pass. 

Bluorion, I have never heard a Luxman. It was on my list to purchase one, I have no doubt that it is a great sounding  amp. 

in my experience a modern luxman class ab amp (or int amp) is voiced a touch sharper and more upfront than an equivalent accuphase, particularly in the treble and upper mids - luxman sounds a little sharper faster but leaner overall, maybe with a little more bass slam

Funny, I have been at this hobby since I was 12 and I’m 68 now. Younger I loved the upfront treble sound. Now that I have been at this for awhile I enjoy the warm laid back sound. This Accuphase 380 seems to be dead center of warm and upfront presentation. On some songs it sounds like the best amp I ever heard, on others not so great. I guess that is the price up pay for accuracy. 


@dwest1023 My impressions mirror yours. I preferred the Pass, found the E800 a bit too polite. Ended up with a Diablo 300.

Swede, believe it or not my 380 is surprisingly very dynamic. I have only been playing it 2 days and it went through a few changes. At first listen the bass was so strong one of my speakers popped. The next day, after a few hours, the bass was so anemic and the sound got bright. I thought of selling it. I left it on for 24 hours and lo and behold, everything came together.

I also was thinking of buying e Diablo 300, never head anything bad about it. I am using my Accuphase with Kef LS50 metas and I never know these thing could sound like floor standing speakers in my room. I have only had my Pass 250 less than a year and have not used it much. I am surprise the E800 was polite sounding. When I feel my 380 is good and broken in, I will be curious to hear how the Pass sound in comparison. I use  Dynaudio special 40’s with my Pass and that combination throws a HUGE soundstage. Once I recover from my purchase of the 380 and Diablo will be next on my list.

Now that I have had ample time on my Accuphase 380 connected to my LS50 metas, I must say, if I have purchased this amp a while back this could have been end game for me. I know some has said that Accuphase can sound soft in the bass, Well my chest hurts from all the kick drum pounding. My room is heavily treated and I do have a b&W db3 sub. There have been a few times I forgot to turn the sub on and I did not recognize it. Soundstage it’s just incredible. Vocals are just perfect to my ears. Everything just  sound so right, for the sound I like. Nothing too laid back or forward. Treble sparkle without any brightness. 

Finally removed my Accuphase from the rack and installed my Pass int 250. I have not use the Pass in over 6 months,and forgot how is sounded. As excellent as the Accuphase is, it cant do what the Pass does. Of course the Pass has a lot more power and current(250 watts vs 120) The Accuphase is very fast sounding and puts a spotlight on every instrument( a good thing). The Pass sounds large and bold. The midrange is just incredible on the Pass. I did not think the mids could be bettered on the Accuphase because it’s some of the best I have heard. The Accuphase is sharper in its presentation and the Pass is more rounded. Bass on the Pass is strong and deep. The Pass sounds a bit more real in my room. I love the sound of both amps and I’m glad I do not have to chose between them.